Work, day one.

Today I returned to work after 11 months odd on maternity leave. I was straight in the deep end, doing a 9-5 day (we leave the house at 8 though and get home at 6.)

The journey is a mission in itself. It goes like this:
1. Leave house 5 minutes late.
2. Get all of us in the car.
3. Forget something and run back for it.
4. Drop Rosie at the childminders house at 8.15 (ish).
5. Talk to childminder (add 5 minutes to delay time.)
6. Drop Amelia at nursery.
7. Drop Craig at work.
8. Get to work to find a full car park as I’m late.
9. Find a really hard to get into space, park car with difficulty.
10. Arrive at destination.

And this was an ‘organised’ day!

Overall it was an okay day. I’m a case manager for people with dementia – the good points today were:
1. I got 2 families to work with again who I’ve worked with before and enjoyed working with. I can do good things with them, so this was good news for me.
2. It was nice to see everyone.
3. I got to eat dinner in relative peace, and didn’t have to Hoover crumbs up afterwards.
4. It was easy (unusual in my job, and only the case as I’m only just back!)

The bad points were:
1. I had to get up super early just to be ready on time.
2. I have no laptop, phone, email access or Internet access at work until Wednesday. This limits me massively – cant do much without all of the above.
3. Due to the above other than a few little bits I did very little today.
4. I don’t like twiddling my thumbs much.
5. I got a headache even though I didn’t do much.
6. I missed my girls.

Having said all of the above, I did like being back. It kind of felt like I’ve never been away – there have been changes, but not huge ones. And it’s nice to feel useful, and good at something. I am good at my job – I’m confident at it, and enjoy working hard to get rewards. And I love being able to build up relationships – I work hard to always do what I say ill do, to keep in regular contact with people and to keep things stable. It’s not always easy – it’s hard, stressful and scary at times, but it suits me. I don’t think I’ll do it forever, but right now it’s good.

I just can’t wait to get the technology I need. I have a few people to work with – starting next week it will be as if I’ve never left. And I like that.

I’m so tired. And have a headache. I hope it’s gone tomorrow!


One response to “Work, day one.

  1. Well done on your first day back, having no internet until Wednesday is maybe a good thing, it will ensure you ease back in slower then perhaps you would have otherwise!
    Hope today is good 🙂 xx

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