Siblings in March..


The photograph I’ve chosen this month is my girls in the bath. I just love it. I love how my oldest girl is holding her hand around Rosie, like she is protecting her from the world. I love how my baby is looking at her big sister – full of love, joy and a little bit of mischief. I love my girls, and I love their bond. They so clearly love each other, and it’s amazing. I feel very privileged to get to watch their bond develop and grow. I feel lucky to be their Mum.

If you wish to join in there is a linky – feel free to join in at mummydaddyme. It’s about capturing siblings once each month, to see how they both change over time.



4 responses to “Siblings in March..

  1. Gorgeous photo! I do love that no matter how much (mine) beat up on each other, there is a natural instinct to protect and love.

  2. That is so cute that Rosie is protected by her big sister. x

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