The ordinary moments – bath time


Bath time is something every family has their own routine for. It’s something we love, and something ive never got pictures of before, because usually I’m either in with them, or too busy holding Rosie to take pictures. But this week, me and Craig bathed the girls together so I managed to get some really good pictures.

We don’t take bath time for granted; when Amelia was a baby we never had a bath, and always showered her. It was always a real treat when we had the chance to bath her anywhere else as it was so rare. And now it’s great, both of them love being in the bath, and it has the added bonus that I know where both of them are for half an hour or so, and neither are getting into mischief!

Rosieloves drinking the bath water too – she literally tries to gulp it like she would a drink. We try to stop her, but it’s really cute at the same time!

Getting changed after the bath is a bit chaotic – a big blur of towels, wet children, coldness and mess. We usually get the fire on downstairs so straight after the bath we bring them down to get them changed and settled.

It’s something I will miss when they get too old for it.

If you too want to capture our ordinary moments, join in with the linky – just link up over at mummydaddyme.



5 responses to “The ordinary moments – bath time

  1. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    Aww so lovely! Monkey loves bathy time but its usually very much a daddy/monkey time of day which makes it a real treat when I bath him. He likes drinking the bath water too, weird!! #theordinarymoments

  2. Mummy Hearts You

    I love bath time, I bath my two together and they play better in the bath than when they are out!

  3. How lovely that you’re all in together that’s so special!! Wish we had a bath to do this!! X

  4. My son loves bathing too! When I see pictures like this I remember how happy he gets when he gets to play with water.



  5. We love bath time too. The amount of giggles that come from the bathroom is amazing.

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