Struggling to blog…

Since returning to work, blogging has got more difficult. It’s not that I don’t have ideas, but it’s that at work I spend a lot of time writing – assessments, reviews, referrals, care plans, minutes….it means that a lot of my time is spent writing. And because I only do 2.5 days, I’m not done by the time I finish. I’ve put aside 2 evenings per week (Wednesday and Sunday nights) to catch up and keep on top of my workload. During my working days I prefer to be out and about as much as I can, seeing the people I’m working with. So paperwork is done in between. It has to be done though or services can’t be requested, the system gets confused and if things come up when I’m not there, the duty worker doesn’t know what’s already been done.

That all means that im tired. And on the 5 nights when I won’t let myself work (I think I would if I didn’t put strict limits on it) I just can’t face the thought of more typing. Even though I love my blog, and I love recording my life, it feels like too much.

So I don’t quite know what to do. I’m on holiday next Friday for a week anywayso I won’t have a signal or chance to blog then. When I come back I guess that I will see how I feel. I don’t want to give my blog up, but maybe i will only blog occasionally, as and when I want to, rather than making myself write posts that I’m too tired to write.

Other than that, work this week has been stressful. It’s got really busy for me – its been playing on my mind a lot, and I’m struggling. I’ll get used to it again, like I did before – I still love it, but it does take a lot out of me. Next week is already completely booked up, and the week after I’m on holiday, so I have a lot to do during my work evenings!

But – the positive is that I’m mentoring a student at the minute – she’s going to be a good social worker when she’s done her training – and twice this week two different service users have told her that if she’s learning from me that she will do well. It’s something that they wouldn’t usually say, but was nice to hear. The student said how nice it was for them to say too. Those little positives make the hard work worth doing 🙂

And my children are wonderful, as always. Amelia is so funny – making loads of jokes now:
‘Mum, why did the chicken cross the road?’
‘I don’t know Amelia, why?’
‘To get to the wine shop for a drink.’
(Maybe I should stop drinking wine!)

And every variation you can think of on this joke.

Rosie has been fine with Tracey. She lights up my day – going to her In the morning, she gives me the biggest smile, and comes for snuggles with me. Only me, if Craig goes in to her she looks for me – she loves him too, but mornings are for me. And when we pick her up we get huge smiles, giggles, excited fake coughs and it’s wonderful. It makes being apart worth it when we pick her up to so much love.

And it’s my birthday (29th) on Saturday. We are going for an Indian in the evening without the girls, I’m really excited. AND it’s grand national day on my birthday – always feels like good luck when that happens. It’s the only race I bet on, and I get excited about it.

So everything’s pretty good generally – we have a good balance right now. I just need to figure out how to fit blogging in to a very busy life!



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