I don’t know what Easter is..

It’s Easter Sunday today. For the past week or two I’ve seen so many activities going on – easter craft, Easter bonnets, Easter baking, and other activities and days out all based on Easter.

I don’t do Easter craft. We have craft all year round – my daughters craft drawers are in her bedroom, and each day she gets something out to make from them. We don’t do many specific activities, just whatever she fancies.

I haven’t done Easter baking either. It seems a lot of hard work, and we do general baking regularly all year round.

In fact, I’ve done very little for Easter, as I just don’t get that excited about it. I make a bit of a fuss about the Easter bunny, but not too much. I buy my girls an Easter egg and a few small eggs and hide them around the room. My older daughter loved finding them today, and it’s been a nice, relaxed day. But we haven’t made a huge fuss.

For me, Easter is nothing more than a fun day. I won’t start buying toys (as lots of people have done this year) and I don’t buy new clothes, or an excessive amount of chocolate. Or give cards or gifts. Or give an Easter egg to every child I know. I only give to my two.

I know that Easter is to do with Jesus coming back to life. However, I don’t understand how chocolate eggs makes that relevant. Or bunnies. Or bonnets. I’m not religious, and I like Easter for the tradition (doing for my children what I used to do!) but not for any other reason.

Easter seems to have gone overboard this year. My feeds are full of gifts, baking and the hyping up of Easter. Am I the only one a little bit confused by it?!



2 responses to “I don’t know what Easter is..

  1. You’re not alone. I’m not religious so Easter is just a long weekend for us. My boys get eggs off grandparents so I bought them a small cushion/soft toy each for a few pound. We do have hot cross buns though because they’re my husband’s favourites.

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