Last week I bought a pack of beef mince for £4.99. Today I used it for 5 meals for us.

This is what I made:
– 2 savoury mince pies, one big, one smaller.
– a huge bowl of chilli con carne.

The mince pie I love – my mum always used to make them when we were kids, and I don’t make them often (they take a bit of time) but when I do I’m always glad I did, if that makes sense. The big one we had for tea tonight, and there was enough leftover to use for lunch tomorrow for me and the girls. The other will go in the freezer for a meal in the next couple of weeks.

The chilli con carne I’ve put into two tubs – one big tub for tea one night, one smaller one to make a packed lunch for work one day for me. I like at least once a week to take a cooked lunch, not just having sandwiches every day.

So, a fivers worth of mince will feed us 5 times. The other ingredients didn’t cost much – pastry for the mince is cheap, a few frozen peas, an onion and some mushrooms. And I served it with frozen veg and new potatoes.

And the chilli is just tinned tomatoes, kidney beans, a few spices and onions, mushrooms and a pepper. Easy peasy.

Katherine. Xxx



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