My babies 1st birthday cake.

Rosie is one tomorrow. One year old. This time last year she was still safely in my tummy, a baby I dreamed of and could not wait to meet. Now she’s one, and absolutely perfect.

We haven’t done much for her this birthday. A couple of gifts (literally, two, and one from Amelia!). A pool, which we have filled with balls, a Noah’s ark and a xylophone from Amelia. It’s all she needs, she doesn’t play with toys yet. Anything else seems like a waste at a time when we don’t have much extra.

So I wanted to do so,etching, because she’s so very loved. So I made her cake. It’s simple – it’s the first birthday cake I have ever made, and although I didn’t make the icing or flowers, I designed it in my head, and I baked the cake with Amelia, and it took time and effort. We did it because we love Rosie, and want to celebrate her being with us, safe, well and happy.

And she stood up tonight. Twice. The first time, she just held her hands out as if to show off. As if she could do it all along.

She’s amazing, both my girls are.

Happy birthday Rosie xxxt



One response to “My babies 1st birthday cake.

  1. Considering that’s your first attempt at a cake of that kind it looks really good!! Well done. And happy birthday to Rosie for today 🙂 x

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