When children don’t sleep.

Last night Rosie was a nightmare. She decided that sleep is for wimps, and that she wasn’t going to sleep. So all night pretty much she cried and screamed. It was awful – it’s the first awful night we have had In a while, and it’s just so frustrating when nothing works.

I don’t like having the girls in bed with us much (not enough room!) but with Rosie it doesn’t work anyway – when she does come in in the morning, she gets excited, wants to climb everywhere and play. She never sleeps. So that’s not really an option to get her to sleep.

The way she does settle is if we sit next to the cot. But only as long as we are in the room. Within minutes of getting back in bed, she realises we have gone and screams again.

Crying it out doesn’t work. Last night is the first time we’ve done it, out of desperation, but she just cries and cries, and never stops. I went in every 5 minutes, laid her down and said night night then went out, but it didn’t work. Two hours in, it was obvious that it wouldn’t work.

It is a nightmare when babies won’t sleep. I don’t function well without sleep. I’m at work this afternoon, and don’t want to go, I’m tired and fluffy, and grumpy today.

And Rosie has now gone to sleep finally – but I have to wake her in ten minutes (after only 20minutes sleep) to go to pick Amelia . She’s with her grandparents this afternoon, and no doubt she will be tired and grumpy. I feel like a bad parent for leaving her now.

Being a parent is so difficult some days.



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