Live positively, week 2


This week it is easy to find positives. We have had a good week, had lots of fun,and just enjoyed the mini heart wave! Here are my highlights:

1. Day trips. We have been out and about this week, to our favourite park and a little further out. We have also spent some time playing in the garden. It’s all felt like a holiday – I’ve hardly thought about work at all, and have ignored all the housework and other bits that usually take up so much of my time. I’ve enjoyed the time with my kids, and enjoyed laughing and playing and talking.

2. Amelia had a really good swimming lesson this week, I was really proud of her as she tried hard, listened well and gave everything a go. She seemed really grown up In the water this week.

3. I saw my friend and her gorgeous baby boy, and we had a good catch up, breakfast in a cafe and a small walk, plus I bought a couple of bargains in a charity shop. It was a nice day.

4. The weather. The weather has been a huge positive for me this week – not too hot, just nice, and a change from greyness.

5. Blogging. I’ve got really interested in my blog again this week. I got to a point where I lost my confidence with it, as there are so many brilliant blogs that it made me doubt my own. But this week I’ve just been writing it for me, because I enjoy writing it, and taking photos for it.




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