The ordinary moments – our favourite park


I’m sure most parents have a favourite place to go when the day seems endless to have fun with the children. The place where we seem to go once a week is a local park. I don’t know why – I didn’t even like it much pre children, but now it has everything on the park ‘wish list’ (which goes like this:
1. A play park. Essential for Amelia.
2. A cafe. Essential for me.
3. Toilets. Essential for everyone.
4. A duck pond. Okay,not essential but it uses a bit more time up it entertains us for a bit longer.
5. A smallish sand pit. See above.

We seem to have fallen into a routine of going on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.

Now, this week we went. And it was one of those perfect days – the sun was shining, and – I can’t explain why but everything was just lovely. Both girls were happy, and we had fun doing little things, like sitting making daisy chains and climbing up the rope pyramid thing (Amelia LOVED this, and climbed over half way for the very first time).

I had my camera, and couldn’t resist taking a few photos. I’ve added my favourites at the bottom of this post.

A very ordinary moment for us – in fact, I half struggled to take photos as it is so ordinary for us. But I love capturing the here and now – before even realising it sometimes change, and then those moments are gone. If you want to join in, have a look at






11 responses to “The ordinary moments – our favourite park

  1. Beautiful photos. We also love spending time at the park. I think your list of essentials is pretty spot on! Have to agree with close access to coffee too! x

    • Thank you, I read your park post yesterday too and liked it – I don’t live in London, and didn’t realise that there were so many parks available to go to!
      I liked your ordinary moments post too – your children are very cute! Xxx

  2. Not A Frumpy Mum

    Lovely photos, our local park doesn’t have a cafe, but is only a 2 minute walk away so I can’t complain. The only problem with going to the park is the toddler meltdown when it’s time to leave! He’d stay on the slide all day if he could x

  3. Going to the park is definitely my cure for fractious little people, and I’m with you on the need for the toilets and a good play park. Our two big local parks have filled their splash pools for the summer now and so they’re a must!

  4. Ah this is a lovely post and I agree, we have a park that we just love to go to to blow away the cobwebs and if we need to escape for a bit! It’s one of those simple happy things you do with your children that is very ordinary but that you know you will miss when they are all grown up. Funnily enough we went yesterday and I looked over and saw a group of young teenage boys and girls playing football, I said to my husband that they are only going to want to be with us for such a short time, we should make the most of every minute and not take it for granted. x

    • It’s true – I was saying something similar last week, about how even though they are hard work at times, life is so much more fun with them in it. I couldn’t have trips out on my own, it would be boring! Xxx

  5. Eline @ Pasta & Patchwork

    Lovely post and photos. I should really take my camera to the park more often too, though as you say, it’s so incredibly ordinary that I completely take it for granted. I do love going with my little boy though, and I love how it’s forced me to hunt out all the little green spaces near where we live. I definitely wouldn’t have taken notice of them otherwise!

  6. Every one really enojyed the park trip! Park trips keeps everyone in the family sane actually =) #ordinarymoments

  7. Lovely post. We’ve not got to the stage of Toby enjoying the park yet, so if we do go it’s mostly so I can have a walk or to meet mummy friends in the cafe!

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