Live positively #3

This week has been a good one overall. I have to be honest and say that work has been a huge struggle this week – I find myself unable to switch off from work, and am finding the demands of work more than I feel able to deal with. If not for the children and Craig I think I would be really down. Because of them though I fight it – it feels as though I have a niggle all the time though, waiting to get to me if I acknowledge that it is there. I hate this feeling, and yet can’t change it right now. I have to work, and since I have to do it I have to find a way to deal with the stress I feel about it.

But back to the positives, these are the things I have found good about this week:

1. Last night we went to my auntie and uncles wedding reception. They are almost 60 and have been together 30+ years, but finally felt ready to commit to marriage. It was lovely to see them relaxed and happy and in love, and I enjoyed seeing my extended family, who I don’t see enough of.

2. Today we had a Mexican themed tea with my parents and sisters. I made BBQ pulled pork, and dad made a beef chilli and a chicken chilli type co concoction. The food was really good, and i love spending time with everyone.

3. Tomorrow is a bank holiday – huge relief to have an extra day off, even if it does make my days busier at work for the next 2 weeks plus.

4. Rosie has been walking. She takes 4/5 steps confidently now, when she wants to get between set places. She’s growing in confidence with this everyday, and it’s fantastic to see her learning what she can and can’t do. She’s amazing.

5. The girls slept out last night at my in-laws house. It meant I got some much needed time to chat with Craig about rubbish and just be a couple for a bit of time. And we had a lay in (which meant getting up at 8 instead of 6, because we are just like that these days!)

Have a good week 🙂


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