The ordinary moments -mornings


Mornings in our house are crazy. The girls go from fast asleep to full of beans within about a minute. They wake up full of energy and ready to go!

Me and Craig struggle to keep up – still half asleep, we have two children climbing in bed with us, crawling all over us – always hoping they will go back to sleep (which never happens!) and then hoping that the other will get up with them.

Mornings are also full of fun. The girls are always happy, smiling and lovely. Rosie gives is the biggest smiles, like she’s so happy to be with us all, reunited after a night in her own room. And Amelia is ready for the day, and loves to be with Rosie at this time.

The photos are truly awful, but I am sharing because I can only get iPhone pics at this time in the morning! The girls jiggle wriggle about and I just have to snap and hope!

I just love them because they are us, this is our routine every day of the week, and because one day I will miss them coming in and jumping all over us, waking me with smiles and laughter.

I have joined in with the ordinary moments over at -please join in too. It is about capturing the every day, ordinary moments.





7 responses to “The ordinary moments -mornings

  1. I always used to bring out son into bed with the vain hope that he would nod again, it never, ever happened! What a lovely way to start the day though xx

  2. It must be eternal optimism that has us all believe that they might just snuggle down and go back to sleep – it never happens around here either! Lovely photos and for all the sleepiness it sounds like the best way to start the day!

  3. I love it when my girls come into our bed in the mornings too! As long as it’s not too early!!

  4. This sounds very familiar! We also have a fast-asleep-to-full-of-beans child. And he never goes back to sleep either! I’m sure it is one of those things that I will miss when it no longer happens though.

  5. The mornings and evenings are funnily enough my most favourite parts of the day. Lovely post and I agree, both mine go from half asleep to wide awake literally in ten seconds! I wish I was that full of beans. 😉 x

  6. Awwww my son is not like this =P It takes him so much time to really wake up. Such love photos of all of you =) #theordinarymoments

  7. Eline @ Pasta & Patchwork

    I’ve been thinking about doing a post about our mornings too but I just can’t get any decent photos, ha! Your photos are great though, they capture the moment very well. There’s nothing quite like the shock of the early starts yet being secretly very glad this bouncy little person (or persons, in your case) is there to cajole you into the day!

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