Family fun and first shoes…

Last week I drove me, the girls and my sister to Yorkshire wildlife park near Doncaster for the day. It was a really good day out – I’d never been before but it was really good. It was very busy, but it was half term and so to be expected. We all had a great day – our highlights were petting the wallabys, watching the baboons, the giraffes and the picnic (of course!) i also loved seeing the zebras. Rosie is fascinated by animals – for a one year old she is just really interested in a way her big sister never really was. She didn’t cry all day, and loved the painted hunting dogs and giraffes. The park is really well set out – the entrance is very clean and draws you in. I thought the lion walk was a bit long (considering the lions were asleep!) but other than that it was all cleverly set out, and I was really impressed with the space the animals have – the enclosures are all well designed for the needs of the animals. My sister was a huge help with the girls, and I enjoyed spending the day with her.

Then on Sunday it was a lovely day, so we abandoned our plans for gardening and went to the local paddling pool and sandpit. It was brilliant – Amelia played in the sandpit for over an hour (she could have stayed there all day I think). Then we had some dinner in the cafe and walked round to the paddling pool. Amelia also loved that (and Rosie didn’t look she wouldn’t put her feet in them, kept curling them up!) after that we had an ice cream before heading home. It was a lovely family day out that I really enjoyed.

I’ve added some photos below, a few random snippets, and Rosie’s first shoes, which I love!







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