The ordinary moments – Saturday cleaning.


For the past few weeks I have introduced a new routine. It’s kind of happened accidentally, but a few weeks ago I was tidying up Amelia’s room, and she wanted to help. And she enjoyed it so much helping me tidy, Hoover and Polish that I have been doing it each Saturday.

I think it’s good for her to take responsibility for her own room, and she actually gets excited when I say that it’s time to clean her room (that won’t last long!)

I took a few photos today of her hoovering – she sits for ages putting everything into the Hoover, she doesn’t Hoover the traditional way much. It takes me twice as long too as I have to do everything after her – I re Hoover the rug etc – but it makes it much more fun.

I’m joining in as always with who runs the ordinary moments linky. Please feel free to join in with it – it’s my favourite linky as it makes me treasure the ordinary times that I will miss in the future.





12 responses to “The ordinary moments – Saturday cleaning.

  1. Bless her, that’s so good!!! I always wanted to help my mum with stuff like that when I was little, the novelty definitely wore off haha!! I think it’s great for her to be taking responsibility for her own room though (even if you do have to do it all over again afterwards!!) x

  2. There’s nothing nice then watching little ones work along side their parents, what a wonderful ordinary moment to celebrate! #OrdinaryMoments

  3. What a great thing to teach her too I think and a cute little helper you have. So sweet she likes to help out Buba my son, loves it. Working along side of us is great spending time and getting things done. What a lovely #ordinarymoment

  4. Perhaps Hoover have got their marketing strategy wrong and they should be in the toy aisle!! Lovely pictures and a lovely moment – long may it last!

  5. Capturing every day moments is something you truly will cherish later on. And what a beautiful little girl!

  6. Awww this is so good to see! I should probably make this a routine too before heading out =) #ordinarymoments

  7. Oh bless her what a good helper she is. I really love this ordinary moment as I think it is so important to teach them things like this. Mads helps me clean on a weekend as well and although she is so little we make it fun and dance around to music and have fun- it sounds weird saying cleaning is fun but we both have a good time doing it! x

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