To my poppets


Hello my poppets,
Another week has gone by so fast. Last week I promised that I will try to be a better mum to you this week. I think that I have been – I’ve had a lot of fun with you both, and you have taken away my stresses and troubles with your beautiful smiles and general innocence.

I can’t say that we have done a huge amount this week -we’ve played Lego (we made a building with a random roof) and it was mostly colour co-ordinated until we ran out of the right colour bricks. And we have done lots of colouring, writing letters and playing hide and seek. It’s been a fun week.

Rosie, you have given the best kisses this week. You smack you lips together a few times then give a huge open mouth kiss – it’s new for this week and I love it. Until now you’ve ignored my kiss requests (and I have been requesting them about a hundred times a day!) but now you will give them. To anyone. Yesterday we went to see my work friends for cake, and as we left you did you lip smacking to give them kisses before we left.

You are little miss mischief this week too. Playing a basic hide and seek, peek a boo and giggling lots. You are starting to play with your big sister more now, and you often laugh at her silliness. You are into everything – nothing is safe from your curiousity. Cupboards are opened, washing is pulled off radiators and chairs are climbed onto. You are a monkey, but a very adorable one.

Amelia, I went to parents day this week. We saw your nursery head teacher. She has said about how well you are doing – she has no concerns and feels that you are ready for ‘big school.’ She said you can be shy at times, so I wondered if she had got you mixed up – I don’t think anyone else ever thinks of you as shy! But anyway we cam away feeling proud of you – you are a lovely little girl who I think will do well as you move on to school.

I took you to see a film this week too. How to train your dragon 2 in 3d. We went with Lydia and sarah, and you loved having ‘just the girls’ together. You did however wonder very loudly what daddy must be doing just as the film started. And you found the 3d effects funny at first. It was my first 3d film too and I really liked it. Most of all I liked your giggles, you snuggling up with me for the scarier parts of the film, and you saying ‘it’s a good job you’re here isn’t it’ when you came to sit with me. You also had a snuggle with your auntie Lydia which made me smile – your aunties all love you so much my little one – I know that you will never be without people to turn to for whatever you may need.

You’ve got more confident with writing this week too. You’ve been practising different letters and are starting to hold your pens properly. I bought you a writing book and you like tracing the letters, although I will only let you do a page a day to keep it interesting.

And we baked. You are clever at baking – you know that generally we need flour, you can crack eggs without help (well, sometimes I have to take a bit of egg out of the mixture) but other than that you are good. And you make it fun with your endless chatter and your testing of the mixture at regular intervals.

I love you both so much – my job often means I come home feeling stressed and worried, but smiles, chatter and cuddles from you girls never fails to make me feel so much happier.





The letter says ‘come back’ to her key worker at nursery in case you are interested 🙂


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