To my girls


I have been looking forward to writing you this letter all week. I couldn’t even tell you why – a chance to record our weekly activities, a chance to write down how much I love you.

These have been my special moments this week:

– Amelia doing amazingly well with writing.
– Amelia writing ‘Amlia (loveheart shape) mam’ with no help from me.
– Having time to read quietly when you both went to nannie and grandads for tea.
– Amelia doing belly laughs when Lydia was telling you that Rosie had told her that she had dreamed of ‘a tree chasing her around, then a duck eating a lollipop while Rosie had a silly hat on.’ On the way home from Sarah’s, you were giggling loads and it was funny.
– Having tea at auntie Sarah’s, and both Amelia and Rosie playing in the tunnel and pottering about.
– Amelia’s powers. Saying ‘slowleria go away’ – I sit next to her, and take the object from behind her back and hide it. The amazement when she thinks she has truly made things disappear is amazing.
– Having a walk around the woods with my friend and her 2 kids. Amelia and her friend ammy are so cute together – they were following a ‘witch’ today. I enjoy watching them together.
– Whispers. Amelia whispers to me about 5 times a day, saying that she loves me and I’m the best mum. Things to that effect. It makes my days brighter.

I’m sorry, these letters are probably boring for everyone else. But for me, these moments are special and are moments I won’t get back. I feel a need to record these little moments in our life for both me and my girls to smile at. They won’t remember, so I want to make sure these things are remembered for them.

I love you girls xxx



One response to “To my girls

  1. Oh I love the sound of the disappearing trick – her face must be a picture!

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