Pushchair puzzlement…

If there’s one thing I don’t understand in parenting circles, it’s the obsession with having the latest or numerous pushchairs / prams. I’ll admit that I don’t follow fashion in anything most things but to have more than one (or at a push, two) pushchairs is something I don’t understand.

There’s a ‘quote’ on Instagram at the moment about the definition of a ‘pramaholic.’ Lots of people have laughed, joined in the conversation and said it describes them. Well, here’s my list of why NOT to be a ‘pramaholic.’:

1. Cost. How do people afford to spend huge amounts of money on pushchairs? I bought one pram and one pushchair for my oldest daughter. I used the pram again for my younger girl, and just bought a new pushchair as the other broke. My pram was second hand. My pushchairs were ‘cheap’ (less than £100). I have an okay job, but I never have enough spare cash to buy things that are not needed.

2. Time. Babies and children don’t spend a huge amount of time using prams or pushchairs. My babies were in the pram for 3 months ish, then another 4 months In the pram sit up thingy. They are in pushchairs longer, but not that long in the scheme of things. Why pay huge amounts of money for lots of pushchairs that will only be needed for a small amount of time?

3. Design. In my mind, a pushchair is a method of transportation. If it has wheels, handles, space for a bag and a rain cover I’m pretty sure it will do what it’s designed to do. It might not be ‘the best’ but then, why does it need to be?

4. Pressure. I think that parents put pressure on each other and themselves to have ‘the best.’ If you don’t the implication is that you are not a good enough parent. It’s not true. When they get older your child won’t care what pushchair they had as a baby. They will care about being loved and happy. Not much else matters (well, not until you child becomes a pre-teen and demands brands and clothes and everything their friends have). Enjoy buying cheaply while it doesn’t cause an argument!

That’s it. I wish I had a number 5 though because now my list is uneven!

Is it just me?



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