To my little ones,


Another week has flown past. Where does time go. Everytime I blink you have both grown a little bit more, and your babyhood is another step behind you, with only my memories of your baby smell, newborn cuddles and dependence on me.

This week has been a funny one. Waiting for Daddy to be off with us this week, plans for the summer holidays. Saying goodbye to nursery in a few days. It feels like lots is coming and so we have been on pause a little.

Amelia, you slept out this week. Friday at nana Sally’s, and Saturday at auntie Sarah’s. You love sleeping out, you have so much fun and enjoy being spoilt. We are so lucky that we have such a fantastic family – you have aunties that couldn’t love you any more, and nana’s and grandad’s that would do literally anything for you because they love you so much.

We went to Hubbards Hills on Sunday. We went with lots of your second cousins. Amelia, you were a cheeky monkey. You are so different to me – so outgoing, a leader and never afraid to say what you think. I hope that you never change – I don’t pretend to understand how you came to be who you are, but I love your spirit – I know that sometimes I try to mould you, try to calm you down a little bit, but that’s because Im afraid for you sometimes. I’m afraid that your ‘leadership’ could become something mean. You never are, you don’t understand how to be nasty, but it worry for you.

You were being bossy with your uncle Shaun. He said he was going to eat you, and it was funny. You really Thought that he might eat you – you half liked the joke, half were scared about the thought. Shaun said it’s the first time he’s seen you wrong footed lol. You had everyone laughing – using your ‘no laugh’ powers, and telling Shaun that he can’t eat you because you’re a kind helpful kid. And that you will buy him an ice cream if he doesn’t eat you.

And Rosie, you were my little star. As good as gold all day – walking around everyone, looking for food and you never cried. Not once all day. You are as good as gold, my beautiful girl. You babbled, you toddled around and you enchanted everyone. You have an obsession with keys – you love them – I don’t know what it is but you just do. And climbing – this week at nana Rosie’s you climber onto her toy box and stood like it was a stage. We did laugh at you.

One thing that made me laugh this week was when you said how does our car know when we are coming.’ That did make me giggle. And you still love your magical powers – grandad pete showed you some new ones which you were impressed with.

Thank you girls for making me complete,
Love you always,




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