Our favourite daytrip..


This week we went on our yearly trip to Sundown Adventure I’m Retford. I used to go as a child with my parents and I have really good memories of exploring the houses and of the swings and play parks. For me it is special to let my own girls build their own memories at the same place.

In my mind it is special. A theme park for under 10s, it has all a child needs – fairy tale houses, a castle, parks, a huge sandpit, a huge indoor play area and a few ‘rides’ which are suitable for the whole family. Plus plenty of green space, friendly helpful staff and a relatively cheap entrance price.

We had a fantastic day. I won’t be boring and list every single thing we did throughout the day, but here were my highlights:

1. Not getting lost on the way there! We didn’t use a sat nav (it’s broke) so I was worried but it turns out that Craig’s sense of direction is really good – miles better than mine!

2. The singing bear at the beginning. This was Amelia’s favourite thing last year and they both loved him this year too and stood bobbing along dancing to him.

3. The water rapids. Amelia was unsure last year but laughed all the way round this year. Rosie wasn’t quite sure what to make of it all but seemed to quite like it too.

4. The tractor ride. We haven’t been on this before and I thought it was a nice ride with lots to look at.

5. The fairy houses. I always love these, and I think that they are great for kids.

6. Crash landings (indoor soft play). We went in as it was nice and cool inside, we hadn’t been before. It was great, I could have spent all day in there – best soft play I’ve been to. We especially loved the ball pool bit – Rosie enjoyed being ‘thrown’ into the balls. And I got dragged all over exploring with Amelia

7. Toy town. I love all the exploring kids can do, discovering bits and bobs.

8. The sand pit. Amelia made a couple of little friends (how do kids do this so easily)! and played happily for half an hour or so at the end of the day.

9. I managed to make sure nobody got sunburnt on a very hot day.

10. Our picnic was nice and we found a nice cool area to eat it.

11. There were no wasps – the past couple of years there have been wasps around which spoilt things a bit. This year though we saw traps around and the bins aren’t open bins (plus we went earlier in the year than we usually do) and we didn’t see any wasps.

12. Rosie was a little star – toddled around, enjoyed the day and didn’t cry.

When we got home Amelia got a bit worried about pirates:
‘Mum, when the pirates crashed the boat where did they go to live?’
‘Umm, I’m not sure Amelia.’
‘They’re not still there though, are they? Did they turn into the pretend pirates or move?’
‘Umm…I think they moved. The ones there are just pretend.’
‘Yes. But when they moved they turned good didn’t they. The boat crashing tricked them and now they only kill monsters, right?’
‘Yes they only kill monsters, and give us treasure sometimes.’

Anyway, we had a brilliant day and we all loved it. We will be back every year for a good few years yet, and I know that I will miss going when the girls get too old.

I’ve added some photos from our day below:






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