Sun, sea, sand


I love the sea. I love the beach, and everything it represents. Traditions from my own childhood being passed on to my girls. Memories of my childhood intertwining with making memories with and for the girls. Family time, fun. To me, that is what it’s all about.

Today we went to mablethorpe. It’s a place I used to go with my parents for daytrips each summer. And now we go at least once a year – it’s about an hour away so too far to go all the time but close enough that it makes a great day out.

Today were a couple of firsts.
– The first time Amelia played properly in the sea – jumping waves, running in, sitting down in the water. Loving the water and the waves,
– The first donkey ride. Amelia had her first ride on ‘mickey’ the donkey. She was really concentrating during the ride, and said she loved it afterwards.
– Rosie’s first paddle in the sea.

It wasn’t a perfect day – parking was terrible as it was so busy so we parked in a one hour slot for lots longer and moved the car later. And I had a strop (quite a big one!) as at 2pm we realised that we needed dinner – we had to walk Into ‘town’ to a cash machine, and queue for food. I don’t know why this was such a huge deal, but I felt a bit guilty at being a neglectful mum mostly. We also fed us all chips, even Rosie. And I forgot baby wipes – an essential I’m usually never ever without. But other than the above, it was a really great day.

The memory that will stay with me always is playing in the sea with Amelia. I had time with just my older girl while Craig stayed with Rosie on the beach – she soaked her clothes but I didn’t even stop her as she was having so much fun (and I had spares!) just seeing her having fun without any fear was lovely – she kept saying to me that she was having so much fun and she loved going deeper into the sea (my dress also got really wet!).

I have attached quite a few photos – I know there are quite a few, but there are so many that I love!







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