{reading} I’ve just finished ‘cry baby’ by David Jackson. It was readable but I didn’t love it and probably won’t read again – it just wasn’t really for me. And blogs, I always read lots of blogs every day.

{watching} right now the closing ceremony of the commonwealth games. And enjoying it.

{eating} picnics. It seems that picnics have become our main food source when I am off work! Eating outdoors, or even picnicking indoors makes the simplest of meals seem special.

{enjoying} days out. Today we went to the races at market raisin, last week we went to sundown adventure and mablethorpe. Days out are part of our summer routine and I love making memories that we will keep forever.

{feeling} thankful for my family. Stressed about having to work. Tired from being out all day.

This week my highlights have been:
– rescuing figures from ice with Amelia – she knew straight away that she needed hot water and I was proud of that.
– watching Amelia swim. Amelia has made huge progress lately, especially her confidence in water and I love watching her. She tries really hard and enjoys swimming which is all I ask of her.
– the races today. I love watching the horses, Amelia loved the teacups, and Rosie just liked being with us (well, when she wasn’t trying to escape from us!)

I have joined In with a linky run by live otherwise just because I like the idea πŸ™‚



One response to “Snapshots

  1. Thanks for joining in – lovely post πŸ™‚

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