Toys are for wimps…


My younger daughter Rosie is 15 months old. She’s an absolute joy – she potters about all day long, watching what’s happening, learning, climbing and getting into mischief.

She doesn’t do toys though. She just isn’t interested in them – she prefers almost everything else. So today, I had a bit of one to one time with her while Amelia was at swimming. I gave her a pan full of uncooked pasta twists, a pot, an empty gravy pot and a small jug. This entertained her for ages and ages. Moving the pasta from one pot to another shaking, pouring and exploring. She was very serious throughout – the concentration on her face was really interesting to watch -she really was absorbed in what she was doing.

I sometimes feel that Rosie doesn’t get quite as much of my undivided attention as her big sister did. I’m distracted more, and just don’t try to entertain her as much as I did Amelia. I’ve never really sat down, got all of her toys out and played – I used to do this with Amelia every day and i used to feel absolutely bored most of the time – it sounds horrible to say but it’s true. So I haven’t done it with Rosie – she plays with Amelia, she potters about, we play hide and seek, chase and tickling etc. She’s happy, she’s content and she’s very independent – she loves pottering about exploring, and almost pen ever cries. This tells me that my more relaxed, more ‘go with the flow’ approach works for her, and for us as a family.





2 responses to “Toys are for wimps…

  1. Every kid is different, just like our approach to them is different as well. I also worried about my lack of one-on-one time with my littlest one but even when I sit down with him, surrounded by the exact same toys that his older brother used he plays with them in a completely different way. It looks like your little one is perfectly happy with her pasta and pots!

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