Healthy eating take two…

Back in January, I started a healthy eating plan. It worked well for me – I joined the gym too, and together I felt healthier and fitter,and just generally better. However, when I returned to work in March it all went wrong. Nothing drastic, but things slipped here and there and I just stopped trying, basically.

Time is a huge factor. Time to exercise is one thing – me and my boyfriend only get one day a week off at the same time. And every other day either he or I don’t get home until around 6pm. I can exercise later, but by that time of day I really struggle to get myself motivated as I’m tired.

But. Now I’ve been back at work 6 months. Amelia starts full time school this week, and so I will have two days a week with Rosie. This means that I can take Rosie on long walks with the pushchair, or take her out on the bike. Things that I can’t do with two children I can do with Rosie.

So I wrote my meal plan last week. It’s full of healthy meals, plenty of veg, salad and fruit. And I aim to exercise as much as possible. I am aware that this is real life, and so I’m not going to go overboard. If I miss a day, it’s not the end of the world. What I want is just to make time where I can, and know that the things I am eating are good for me.

This is what I’ve had today:



The top photo is breakfast. It was mixed fruit (grapes, strawberries, banana and apple with yogurt). Lunch was egg salad with a tiny bit of grated cheese, spinach, tomatoes, peppers and a brown oven roll. Tea was chicken stew with lots of veg.

I have to have meals that fit in with my family. I won’t cook separate meals for me – Amelia loved fruit for breakfast – she said it was the best breakfast ever. She also enjoyed lunch and tea, as did everyone else. Thats my aim – to fill us all with healthy, well balanced foods.

I will weigh myself as and when I feel like it – today I was 10.11. I don’t want to get obsessed so it will only be when I feel the time is right and will never be more than once a week.

Right, time to go do more decorating – we are decorating the dining / play room and it’s hard work!



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