The ordinary moments – aunties.

My girls have three aunties – they are hv lucky as all three love the girls unconditionally, and all of them love spending time with them, and all three love to treat them when they can.

My sister Lydia bought Amelia the Elsa and Ana dresses – Lydia is almost 18, and spent her hard earned money on these gifts for Amelia, just because she wanted to make her happy. It means the world to me that she did that, and Amelia loves her dress up dressed šŸ™‚

Yesterday, my sister Sarah came to visit us all and bought Amelia a cake for after her tea – she put Amelia in bed, and she is brilliant with the girls – she always has time for them and will always go out of her way to help out where she can.

Last weekend my girls Auntie (and my almost sister in law – she would be if we were married!) Abi came home from London. She has lived in London since Amelia was a baby, and it is her home now. We still see plenty of her though – she comes home, and when she does the girls absolutely love to see her. She bought them beautiful matching dresses, and Amelia a dress up dress. My girls are very lucky (and a bit spoilt!)

The girls has a really good relationship with all of her aunties. I love that Amelia and Rosie will always have someone to turn to for anything they might need. I love that they will always have their family that love them unconditionally for who they are.

Seeing their aunties is both an ordinary moment, but is always a special moment too.

Abi, Sarah and Lydia, if you read this, we love you and you are all amazing. My girls are very lucky, and so am I. Xxx






3 responses to “The ordinary moments – aunties.

  1. You are so lucky having so many lovely people to care for them!! My twins have two Aunt’s and they are so cool and amazing!!! Both live quite far away however we make extra special time for each other whenever we can. Great post x x Jess

  2. Aww lucky girls to have such wonderful aunties – and lucky aunties to have such gorgeous nieces!

  3. Ah what a lovely post and such a sweet end message too. My girls have my sister as their ‘Auntie Annie.’ She loves them like her own and in turn they adore her. She is ten years younger than me and is definitely the ‘cool auntie.’ I Love watching their relationship grow and develop throughout the years. What lucky girls you have, having so many people who love them. xx

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