Halloween small world play


It’s half term. I love the school holidays – a time to have whole days with my little ones 🙂 I hope to do a few different activities this week. I started with Halloween small world play.

I googled it first but didn’t come up with much, and so in the end I made it up! I used what we had – lentils for a floor,a few Halloween trinkets from last year, small pasta for a path and happy land figures.

Amelia loved it. She knew straight away that it was ‘Halloween world’ and I told her she could play however she wanted with it. She informed that that she is going to play with it all day.

I made a separate bowl of sensory materials for Rosie – tinsel, pasta, a couple of happyland figures and different tubs. However, she had enough quickly, so we moved to the floor. She enjoyed it then. And Amelia wanted to move to the floor with us, so they shared the small world tray (Rosie loved throwing everything everywhere!)

Overall, it was a lovely hour to spend playing with something different – both girls really enjoyed it. I’ve added some more photos below of my girls playing.







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