The ordinary moments – early snuggles mornings…

I don’t think I’m the only one, who has had lots of early mornings since the clocks changed last weekend. 5am wake ups have become normal – we do try to keep them in bed until 6 at least, but ignoring a crying baby is very hard and usually she ends up getting her own way and coming downstairs.

Although I hate being woken up early and find it frustrating, I have to admit that there is a peacefulness to the early mornings that I find peaceful. I usually keep the tv of and light just the lamp and the fire, and have some quiet time with my baby. She’s usually in a snuggles and happy mood as she has won the getting up battle. We snuggle on the sofa for 20 mins of so.

Usually after about 15/29 minutes my older daughter gets up too. I hear her little feet stamping down the stairs, and she comes in – she is always bright and eager for the day to begin and her smiles and laughter make us all more lively.

Then we usually watch a bit of TV, have breakfast and drinks and start getting prepared for the day.

Although I hate being woken up, I will miss this type of get up when they don’t do it anymore. Lay ins ( or just sleeping to 7am!) is good but being woken with smiles, laughter, snuggles and childrens chatter really can’t be beaten, no matter what time in the morning it is.

I have joined in the the ordinary moments, hosted by the lovely and fantastic blogger Katie. Check out her blog (and beautiful photography!) at mummydaddyme. It really is a blog worth reading.



4 responses to “The ordinary moments – early snuggles mornings…

  1. Aww, those morning moments and cuddles are really special. We have that 30 minutes cuddle in bed every morning as well, it is a lovely way to start the day 🙂 #theordinarymoments

  2. Oh I love this sort of time, although we are fortunate that it’s nearer 7am than 6am! Whenever the children wake up, if we don’t have work or a school run they will both get into bed with us and have snuggles and a cartoon before our day starts. Thanks for linking up x

  3. We are pretty lucky that ours are nearer 7am but I do agree, on the mornings where we don’t have to rush around, I do love the snuggles that come with staying in your pjs and snuggling on the sofa! x

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