Meal planning Monday..

I am officially rubbish at meal planning. Each Monday comes around too quickly for a start – it ought to slow down a bit! Most weeks I forget, and the weeks I don’t I usually don’t feel like the planned meal and cheat.

This week, I have created a simple meal plan, made up of our regular and favourite meals, In the hope that keeping it simple helps me stick to it 🙂


Frozen pie, frozen steamed veg and new potatoes.


Whatever Craig makes (he’s a good cook, but I never tell him that!)


Chilli con carne with pasta.


Beef stew.


Film night tea – chicken nuggets, chips and beans.


Fireworks at my sisters with yummy food 🙂


Gammon ham and vegetables.

I am going to link up with

– join In, I dare you 🙂 I love to see what others are making, and getting inspired from other peoples yummy cooking.


8 responses to “Meal planning Monday..

  1. Lovely meal plan – especially Friday night film tea :))

  2. Good luck with your meal planning this week x

  3. Yum! That sounds like a great week of meals!
    Have a fab week x

  4. Haven’t had gammon in ages! Have a good night on Saturday!

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