Witches potions…


The Activity

We used the water tray to make witches potions. We used food colouring, sprinkles, spaghetti (my new play essential!) grass and flowers. Whatever we could find to make our scary potion.

How it went

This was a great activity to do at this time of year. We did this on Halloween day – the sun was out and it was lovely to do something halloweeney (yep, I made that word up!) And it’s simple, it can be done In a bowl, a bucket – anything. And anything can be added.

Both of my girls loved it – Rosie was soaked through by the end, but enjoys playing with water at any time. Amelia enjoyed adding things to the water.


A bonus was that I got to just sit and watch – I love that they are starting to play or do the same activity together, without me having to be referee. I love watching my beautiful girls full stop – I do find it one of the lovely things in life.


Overall, I would say that any kind of water play is a good activity, especially making the most of these precious few days before the weather changes again, and we end up with icy cold, sleet, rain, wind and maybe snow. Plenty of film afternoons, snuggles and lazy afternoons are coming, so on this day it was lovely to get out in the fresh air while we could 🙂

If anyone has any other ideas for water fun ideas I always love to hear them 🙂





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