Messy Play – Pastry


The Activity

Using pastry dough (uncooked) as a messy / sensory play material (a bit like play dough). We made cakes and decorated them with sprinkles and spaghetti.

What we did

Sometimes I find that the best ideas for playing comes from children. I like to see what they seem interested in, and use whatever we have to hand to play. I am often surprised by how creative and resourceful children really are. Where I just saw pastry, they saw something they could really play with. Where I see things from a boring grown up world, children still see new and different possibilities.

When I was making the pastry, Amelia’s cousin who was here to play seemed really interested in using it, so I gave her some. She rolled it out to make a pancake, and their play evolved from there. Because Grace was doing it, Amelia wanted to as well, so I quickly made up a small batch of short crust pastry, split it into two and gave them half each at the table. I then gave them a rolling pin, a few utensils, some hard spaghetti, some sprinkles in a bowl and some cake signs.

It’s a bit like play dough, and both girls enjoyed it and played with it for about an hour. They made cakes, and used the pumpkins as ovens for them, and decorated them.

My Thoughts

This is such a simple and easy thing to do. I was so impressed with pastry as a play material, and I know that it is a material that I will be using again and in different ways. It’s cheap,  wasn’t too messy on the mess scale, and was really enjoyed by both girls.





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