Magik beanz review…


There is something about Autumn that makes me crave candlelight and lamps and cosiness. It feels lovely to close the blinds, shut the world out, light a candle, put the lamp on and breath. And just filter out the world for a few precious hours each day. I think the reason I love autumn so much is because of cosy evenings more than anything else.

So when I saw a review of Magik beanz on one of my favourite blogs (write like nobody’s watching) I couldn’t resist having a look.

And I got carried away. I ordered an autumn collection of Magik Beans. I ordered a pack of 12 that come with a burner. I have not in any way shape or form been asked to review them, but I rarely (read here, never) treat myself anymore, and so I wanted to review something that I have bought just for me.


The Details

Magik beanz are little soy wax beans – you get 15 in each re sealable tub, which equals about 20 hours of burning time. So all of my tubs should equal 230 hours – that’s a lot of cosy nights to keep me happy. They have a nice strong fragrance (some stronger than others), but I like to be able to smell my candles so it’s a huge positive for me.

The pros

Okay, first things first. The good things. I love the scent. That’s the important thing really, isn’t it. I literally couldn’t wait to try them – I picked a few beans (I mixed and matched three scents) and lit my new burner and the scent filled the room pretty quickly. And with scents like ‘bramble jelly’ and ‘Sun kissed raspberry’ it is actually quite hard to choose which to try, and to match them together.

Amelia, my almost 5 year old was almost as excited as me I might add – she loved choosing 5 beans (she also mixed and matched!) after school. She chose by colour, but it is still going strong 3 hours later – I can smell biscuits, a little apple, brambles and loveliness. And her words were ‘it’s so good I wish I could taste it.’

I also love how much choice there is. There seem to be lots of seasonal choices, and then favourites – there is so much variety and you can choose by fragrances that you enjoy too – the choice is pretty much never ending. And the names are lovely – I like having a nice name and description, and looking forward to what It will be like when it arrives.

The not so good

Okay, I only have one niggle. Well, maybe two. Or three – but minor ones really.
First, postage. It’s £4.99 for postage – for me that’s a lot. Especially if you are not making a big order. However, I have got over it.

Second, the burner. I have to admit that I was disappointed with it. It’s black and quite small. It’s really the colour – I expected something a bit brighter I think. However, again, it’s not a huge issue, it’s just not something I love, but it’s okay.  I will buy something more to my taste – or maybe ask for one as an Xmas gift 🙂 (Mum, I hope you are reading this part, as this is an idea for you!) However, it may be nice if the colour of the burner is something that could be chosen, maybe?

And one final thing, since I like to keep my review honest. I think the website could use some work. It’s a bit difficult to navigate – it took me a while to figure it out, and the layout and options could be a bit clearer.

However, all of the above are small issues – it’s nothing major, and I think I have found my new favourite candles, so i don’t care much about any of the above 🙂 I am pretty certain that I will return for more.

Overall though, I’m excited. It’s lovely being able to choose a different scent each night – I’m looking forward to trying more. And with such interesting scents to choose from Its a grown up (yes, I’m sad I know) kind of fun.





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