Baby, you’re a firework…


I am such a seasonal crafty person. I never realised until now, but I love craft activities over Autumn and Winter but I just don’t feel as creative in the warmer months. I think that we go out more in the warmer months and I just don’t feel as inspired. This time of year the darker nights and events (Halloween, bonfire night, Xmas) really inspire me.

I wanted a quick, easy and fun firework night related craft – since my older Daughter has gone back to school we haven’t had as much time to do craft etc, and I wanted to have the chance to get into the mood for watching the real thing at my sisters 🙂

What you will need:
– black card or paper (not totally essential but makes more effective fireworks).
– cotton buds.
– paint (we used a selection of colours, but whatever you have. The more watery paints work best.
– glitter.

I just added a few different things on the table so that we could use whatever we wanted – you can add whatever you want to aid the creative process 🙂


What to do:
– Put a blob of a chosen colour where you want the centre of the firework.
– Put a circle of another colour around it.
– Use a cotton bud, and start In the centre, moving outwards. Make lines outwards around the firework.
– I then added another colour on top and blended it in with the cotton bud.
– sprinkle with glitter. Who doesn’t love glitter?!

How it went:

It was fun 🙂 I let Rosie join in too, but she wasn’t all that keen (she’s only 18 months though). She ate some paint and put a little bit on paper:


Amelia though really enjoys craft and painting anyway, and it was nice to have everything out and ready for her coming home from school. She concentrates really well, and after I showed her how I did it, she made some lovely pictures. She has got a good imagination / creative side. Here is her picture:


As you can see, it’s different to the one I made, but I was really impressed with the end result.

We have a good supply of paint / glitter and craft things, and it was nice to get them out to play. Mind you, I will warn you that the cleaning up afterwards is not nearly as fun!



2 responses to “Baby, you’re a firework…

  1. Love it, going to get messy doing this with my boys before we see the fireworks next week!

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