I am such a lucky person.

I haven’t talked about it on my blog, but at the moment we are doing a lot of work in our dining / play room. In September we got patio doors as a gift from my lovely parents in law. That led to a bit of motivation, and we stripped the walls. One thing led to another, and we ended up ripping the 1950’s gas fire out, with the intention of adding a wood burning stove in there.

Sounds simple right?

Well – I can promise you, its been a bit of a nightmare. Dust, soot, chaos, mess and everything that goes with all of the above.

I want to do a ‘big reveal’ when it is eventually done in about 3 months probably so I’m not adding photos yet, but today I wanted to talk about all of the fantastic people who have supported us, helped us and been there for us throughout this process.

– Craig’s Mum and Dad. They have been, as always, fantastic. They are so supportive, and his Dad went on our roof (twice!) even though it is a scary thing to do, and spent all day helping us out putting a liner in the chimney (something I NEVER want to repeat). And they had the girls overnight when we had an unexpected early delivery of soot from up the supposedly swept chimney. It was hard work for them, and I don’t think how much I can express the help they have given us over the years.

– My Mum and Dad. My Mum and Dad are also amazing. They help me so much with my girls, picking them up from School, looking after them when I work, giving me a bit of time to do things I need to do . And cooking for us sometimes, lending us stuff – they are so needed. Rosie is funny with my Dad – whenever they come round she kisses me goodbye and insists on going with them. And has a huge strop if she can’t.

– Ben and Sarah. My brother in law and sister have also been so brilliant. Ben has been drilling out sockets, and he has given up three days off to help with our electrics and the chimney liner installation. My sister and Ben get married next August, and I cant wait to have a brother for the first time 🙂 And Sarah goes out of her way, she will always help out if we need anything, and will do anything for anyone. My sisters are my best friends.

Lydia – Because when I rushed round and dropped Rosie on her to take Amelia to the dentist, she didn’t tell me no 🙂 And because she’s her lovely funny, unique self.

Abi – for coming all the way from London to see us all, and for always being such a positive, supportive person.

I’m also lucky because I have Craig, who is my best friend, my support and my safety net. I am glad I have him to come home to because I know that we are a team, always. And my beautiful girls, the reason that I smile and feel lucky every single day.

We have such a good support network, of people that I couldn’t be without. It makes me feel safe and supported, and makes me feel okay to be me. And means that our family, with our busy lives, are able to manage each day.

Thank you all, whoever of my family who read this. We love you all and appreciate everything more than you know.



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