The ordinary moments – Christmas whispers.


This time of year is an exciting one for me. Until this week I wasn’t feeling Xmas at all – but then, I did ban it until December. But this week it’s started to whisper – having Xmas films start on TV ( I love them all!) and something about the cold crisp days, frost on the car in the mornings and it creeping into December has got all of us thinking more of the excitement of Xmas.

Yesterday me and my girls were having a tidy up and quiet day. So I put some Xmas songs on, and bumpy girls loved dancing together to them – I video’d them but don’t know how to add videos on here, so I won’t try! And then in the afternoon Amelia had a choice of what to do while Rosie napped, and she chose to make Xmas cards. So I got out a load of craft and she made a few cards, with no help from me at all. I was really impressed.

It’s been a calm and happy few days – for me it’s important that Xmas doesn’t become all about the gifts, but is about our traditions – film nights, activities and fun – and isn’t just about material things. For me Xmas isn’t about getting stressed, it’s about enjoying it all. And that’s what I’m going to do – we might not do craft every day, we haven’t made an advent activity calendar, and we may not do much at all. But if we are together as a family doing the things that make us happy, I’ll consider Xmas a success.

It is this way every year – a gradual creeping up of the Xmas feeling. And it’s ordinary and yet special each and every year.

If you want to join in with the ordinary moments, you can do so at mummy daddy me.


7 responses to “The ordinary moments – Christmas whispers.

  1. This is such a lovely lovely post!! You’re right, Christmas is truly all about time together as a family, no matter how you spend it! X

  2. Ah this is lovely and I agree with you- today is the first day I have felt really festive as we put up our tree and had our annual festive day which we do every year. It definitely is all about those little things rather than the gifts. x

  3. Well said. Christmas is not about money but the happiness & memories that you can make during the holidays =) #TheOrdinaryMoments

  4. I love the creeping up of Christmas too, and then I feel I can unleash as soon as Dec 1st comes! Never before 😉 I agree with not putting to much pressure on ourselves to do stuff over Christmas. We’ve got a fun bucket list of a few trips that have been pre-booked, and a few crafts, but mainly it’s festive films, books and music that are on this, so it doesn’t matter if we don’t get round to doing everything, as long as we’re happy and enjoying ourselves! #ordinarymoments

  5. Yes totally love the run up to Christmas even if it does make me slightly panicked I haven’t done enough! X

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