My 2015 bucket List…

I have spent some time thinking about resolutions this year. However, i don’t really want to make any. I’m fed up with not following them, or forgetting about them half way through the year. So instead i want to have a bucket list – things i hope to achieve this year. Here’s my list:

1. Have a healthier 2015. Yes, i know it’s a cliche. Doesn’t mean it isn’t possible though. I want to look at 2015 as the year i sorted my diet / exercise out. And i have my 30th and my sisters wedding this year, so have some targets to aim for to.

2. To spend quality time with Craig. We are a busy family. We juggle work ( we only have one day off together a week), school, seeing those we love, and home improvements. It all gets too much sometimes. We will remain busy, but i want to steal back a bit of time for me and Craig to enjoy – evenings at home i want to put aside time for us.

3. To improve our home. This year, i hope to have the back room, hallway and the front room completed. We are in progress, so we will have to see what the year brings…

4. To find a balance at work. This year is decision year….i need to decide if my heart is still in my job. I need some time to reflect on what i want from my future – and what i don’t want.

5. To be brave. To have the courage to try new recipes, new hobbies, new ways of being. I feel that self doubt has held me back a bit this year, but no more.

6. Linked to above – to run. I want to do a 10k by the end of this year.

7. To grow something. A fruit or a vegetable.

8. To make more effort. With playing, with tidying, with being organised. I need to take control of things, and make sure that my life and home are how i would like them to be.

9. To finish my cross stitch. I’m a few months off – this year needs to be the year i finish it – its been about 2 years since i started it.

10. To have a night away. With my sisters and Mum, a shopping weekend.

11. To go camping.

12. To see a show.

13. To look nice. To treat myself to new things when i need them, to do my hair, to put make up on. To make myself feel confident.

14. Go to a comedy roadshow this year.

15. To read 30 books. I will record on goodreads.

16. To think about what i want my blog to be. This is something i haven’t decided yet

17. To visit Liverpool.

18. To visit London.

19. To take Amelia to Lincoln on the train.

20. To see my friends – to spend more time being me with those who like me.

I’ll leave it there. There are some big ambitions, some small ones. Some one off’s, some on-going aims. Overall, i want to be me, to like being me, and to show my family how much i love them.



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