The ordinary moments – Sharing a bedroom..

As a child, I shared a room with my little sister. There was a spare room in the house, but we chose to share, and I have some really great memories of giggles at bedtime, cheeky bed jumping and sharing secrets that I wouldn’t change for the world.

Just after Christmas (Boxing Day night) we made the decision to put the girls in together. This is because Rosie (our 1 year old) just wasn’t settling at night. She was up every night crying for hours – we tried all the settling techniques – going in at 5 minute intervals, not talking to her and laying her back down etc, and we tried being firm, and being gentle – nothing worked. It was just like she was scared on her own. And because it’s a cold room we were worried about her spending so long standing in her cot each night…

So, we put them in together. Rosie in the travel cot at first to test it, and then permanently.

It’s worked amazingly well. The girls have grown such a strong bond in the past 2 weeks – they were close anyway, but Rosie hasn’t always wanted much to do with Amelia – however, now we put Rosie to bed and then Amelia after 20 – 30 minutes. And we hear Amelia making funny noises and Rosie giggling, and the occasional ‘go to sleep Rosie’ from Amelia. And then they settle down.

And in the morning, we hear Amelia chatting to Rosie. This morning she was telling Rosie about the plans for the week (‘I’m at school tomorrow Rosie, but you are with grandad and I know you like grandad don’t you Rosie’) and Rosie just replies (‘yeah’) every now and again, it makes me smile.

It’s made their relationship stronger without a doubt – in the day they run around playing, Rosie follows Amelia all over and they chat and play. It’s really really sweet, and something I hope they continue with.



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