My children…

A random update on my girls:

You are 5 now. You said the other day that you cannot wait to be six (in 10 months!). I want to keep you just as you are now, I am happy for you to tke your time at five. Everything is ‘absolutely’ – you are ‘absolutely’ hungry, ‘absolutely’ excited etc. you love craft – like earlier on you found a random box and disappeared I to your bedroom to make something. You came out with it all pretty – tissue paper stuck on with smiley fact stickers. You love being ‘crafty’ and I try to leave you to it now, as I think it’s good that you work out what you want to do and achieve it.
And you are well and truly into the poo jokes stage. The other day in the car on the way home, everything was ‘poo’ related – poo car, poo sky, poo planet etc – you get the idea. You find it all so funny, and don’t get why I ask you not to use these jokes all of the time. It drives me a bit nuts but makes me smile at the same time.
And you are so very clever. You are writing and reading at school. You have moved to the higher maths group, and keep getting good notes home. And you have just started after school yoga, which you are really enjoying.
You live films. We have film night each Friday – a now set in stone tradition – with a slightly different tea – pizza, or curry, or hot dogs, and usually some popcorn or sweets. And we watch a film all together, technology is banned. It is a special night of the week and I look forward to it as much as you. And I think that your favourite part is dancing to the credits at the end of each film.
You are a truly special little girl, and I am very proud of you. We argue, you shout a lot, are grumpy and a bit of a madam, but you love to be funny, are clevel, loving and a fantastic big sister. You really do look out for Rosie and love cuddles, kisses and playing with her.

My 20 month little monkey. You are so determined – you know exactly what you want all of the time. Only you can’t quite tell us what you want. You know words – yessss and no, and juice, and shoes (they sound the same!) and hello. You are not talking like your big sister was, you are taking your time more. But you still do plenty of ‘chatting’ – all of which I don’t understand a word of.
You love your grandad Billy. You love all of us, but he has a bit of a special place in your heart – if he comes you don’t like him leaving without you, and you do love your special time with him.
You have a sweet tooth. You love cake (you know that word too!) and turn your head at my attempts to keep you healthy – you won’t eat vegetables much, and slough you eat well, I do have to sneak veggies down you a bit. You love fruit though, and breakfast.
You joined in with film night with us last week – snuggled up next to Amelia on the sofa in the blanket watching tinker bell. You loved it, you give me such a huge smile and love it.
You are a happy little thing most of the time; huge smiles, giggles and I enjoy your company. I love our Thursdays and Fridays just me and you when I’m not at work – we tend to have quiet days just being together.
I love you so much little girl xxx




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