The girl in the photograph by Kate Riordan

I haven’t read a book for a while. Mostly because I’ve been struggling (again!) with work…nothing major, just really busy and using a lot of spare time catching up, unpaid. It’s annoying but if I don’t it’s not me that loses out, it’s my lovely service users and their families. So I have to do it, or I can’t live with myself. Even then I’m not getting everything done. But yeah, it means that the time I do have I’m tired, stressed or just can’t be bothered to read.

This book is one I bought for my kindle a while ago but hadn’t read. Things did settle down this week, and I finally felt ready to get immersed in a good story again. I chose this one as it has been sitting patiently for so long 🙂

It is a book of the kind I love: anything with an old manor house I tend to love for some reason! It’s set in two times. The basic story is that a girl called Alice gets herself pregnant in London by a married man. She is sent to an old manor house to have the baby, with the plan that it will then be adopted later. While at the manor house, she becomes a fascinated by Elizabeth and her husband Edward and their lives from a previous time.

I did enjoy this book, but I have to admit that I don’t think it’s one that grabbed me like others have. I think that the main character (Alice) never really seemed to grab me, so I didn’t walk in her shoes much. I do tend to love the ‘past’ story more though, and it was the same in this case – I loved the story of Elizabeth and I did really relate to her.

I would recommend this book, and I would read it again, but it’s also not my favourite in this genre (I love The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, and The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield the most).

3.5 stars.



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