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Weekend post 3..

This weekend I have made an effort with photos and capturing our weekend. They mean so much to me – now that Amelia is at school full time we have to fit everything into two days, which go far too fast!

We have fallen into a routine of having Saturday breakfast – something different to the rest of the week. This Saturday it was these:

Then we did some painting – our daffodils are a work in progress, but we also painted Easter eggs and the Easter bunny (who is obviously a girl, as if you didn’t know!). we haven’t done painting for ages and we enjoyed it. Rosie especially surprised me – she was quite happy with her paintbrush and paper, experimenting with colour. She’s growing up faster than I’m ready to accept I think.

Then I cleaned up – it has to be done! And I bribed gave Amelia pocket money for hoovering the rug and polishing. The photos of her make me feel that she’s so grown up now – she is (in my eyes at least) beautiful, and is learning so much about the world every day. 

Ohh, and I made rice pudding in the slow cooker – pudding rice, milk and cinammon – slow cooked for about 5 hours, it turned out well, and lasted us for 2 days as pudding –  will make it again for definite 🙂

Today I wanted to have some time with my biggest girl. So we decided to take a trip to the museum (the fishing heritage centre locally). It was really interesting actually – I really enjoyed taking a trip on one of the old working trawls, guided by one of the fishermen. 

Amelia was scared of the actual museum though, which was botH sweet and frustrating. She thought it was like night at the museum and that the figures were going to come to life. We had to go and ‘check’ with the lovely girl on reception in the end. She did gradually start to enjoy it though, we just took it slowly and went back to some of the rooms she was worried by initially. I’ve added some photos below – please excuse her outfit, she chose it herself. 

We had lunch in a cafe, popped to see my sister and then came home to a huge hug from my littlest one – she just kept saying ‘mama’ over and over and it was lovely – small moments like that make me realise that they do love me. 

My weekend ended with more rice pudding and preparing packed lunch for tomorrow. For once I have been organised with it!

Apologies for all the photos, but since I took them I wanted to share them too 🙂 I hope your weekend was just as good xxx


Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

The Blurb:

Fresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital, reporter Camille Preaker faces a troubling assignment: she must return to her tiny hometown to cover the murders of two preteen girls. For years, Camille has hardly spoken to her neurotic, hypochondriac mother or to the half-sister she barely knows: a beautiful thirteen-year-old with an eerie grip on the town. Now, installed in her old bedroom in her family’s Victorian mansion, Camille finds herself identifying with the young victims—a bit too strongly. Dogged by her own demons, she must unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past if she wants to get the story—and survive this homecoming.

What I liked:

I chose this book to read because I loved Gone Girl when I read it, and got intrigued about other books by the same author. 

I really liked everything about this story to be honest. I thought the central character (Camille) was described brilliantly – she was flawed and troubled, but also narrated the story well. I loved that there was also a hint of darkness to her past experiences, but that she wasn’t always able to tell what was right and what was wrong about her past.

I got gripped by the story too and the characters – this is something that also stands out in Flynn’s later work (Gone Girl). 

What I didn’t like

As said above, I liked everything. If I was going to be picky I would mention that the actual murders became a bit of a side issue within everything else, and I would also state that I feel that Ammy (the step sister) to be varied hugely in her character, which at times just didn’t add up. However, I think that this is something that Flynn does master in Gone Girl. I also think that none of the above things detracted from the story.

I have another book to read (Dark Places) by the same author next and I can’t wait to get started.


My weekend diary…

I love the weekend. I have to admit that I live for quiet relaxed days, pottering about with my girls and just appreciating life and the little things that make me happy.

This weekend has been a good one. Friday started well – from picking Amelia up we went straight to my friends and watched a film (barbie, although the girls got bored and went off to play!) had hotdogs and cookies and chatted. The babies are really cute together too – Rosie strokes Loic and gave him lots of hugs. And at one point they stood with her arm around him watching the fish tank. 

On Saturday I wanted a quiet day. I spent the morning cleaning this:

When my upstairs was respectable again, we all had lunch with my Dad – he made a lovely bacon salad with some jacket potatoes – he is a good cook, both my parents are. It was nice, it is my second home as we spend so much time there!

After that we came back home and spent the afternoon in the garden – my lovely sister and her future husband came and ended up helping too. Amelia made us all ‘pack up’ as gardening makes you hungry apparently – she made all sorts quite happily and put thought into it. And later on Rosie enjoyed playing with pots and mud:

Ignore the fuzzy photos, they were taken on my iPhone 🙂

We had haddock for tea and the girls loved playing with Craig when he got home – they love him loads and I love watching them play. 

Then today I went to the gym – I have to admit I was grumpy when I went – I felt tired still and didn’t want to go. But I did and I’m glad I did, I felt better the rest of the day. 

In the afternoon I took the girls for a walk in the very muddy woods with my sisters:

We came home full of mud, Rosie had her nap and we watched tv and I made roast gammon with roasted potatoes and veg for dinner – I didn’t take any pictures (sorry!) but it was lovely.

And now – now my girls are sleeping out as their nannie has them tomorrow while we work – so I’m sitting wishing I didn’t go back to work tomorrow, but excited about having more than 15 minutes to get up and ready in the morning.


Our weekend..

This weekend was a fairly typical one for us. Full of bits and bobs – family, food and jobs. I thought that I would share some of what we got up to. It started with ‘Saturday breakfast.’ A tradition I have of making a bit more effort on a Saturday – something that is more of a treat than a chore. This week it was some yummy hot cross buns and a cup of tea (for me). They were a bargain too at 50p or 6 from Aldi.


We did a bit of cleaning up and got dressed lazily, with no rush, and then my sister in law and her boyfriend came to see us as they were visiting from London. We had a trip to the seaside, had some chips which the girls were determined were to feed the pigeons and seagulls, and the girls couldn’t resist going on the sand..




On Saturday night me and Craig went out with our friends (another couple) for an indian then for drinks. It was a good night – we all get on well and it was nice and relaxed just chatting and stuff without the babies interrupting – as much as I adore them its nice to have time without them too. And we took a selfie, just because:


On Sunday we had a lazy morning and the went to Craig’s parents at lunchtime for his Dads birthday. We had a lovely dinner (a kind of buffet lunch, Craig’s Mum always makes lovely food) and birthday cake. I didn’t take any photos because – well, I forgot 🙂

By 3pm the girls had had enough fun for one weekend – Amelia had a huge crying fit – she hasn’t behaved quite like that in years – so we decided it was time to leave – and quickly!  So we came home, Rosie napped and Amelia snuggled with the ipad while I took close ups of her – as you do.


It as a busy weekend, and we were all tired on Sunday evening but it was lovely seeing family and friends – we are so very lucky to have them all in our lives, and to have so many people who love the girls like we do.

And  I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend next week!