Our weekend..

This weekend was a fairly typical one for us. Full of bits and bobs – family, food and jobs. I thought that I would share some of what we got up to. It started with ‘Saturday breakfast.’ A tradition I have of making a bit more effort on a Saturday – something that is more of a treat than a chore. This week it was some yummy hot cross buns and a cup of tea (for me). They were a bargain too at 50p or 6 from Aldi.


We did a bit of cleaning up and got dressed lazily, with no rush, and then my sister in law and her boyfriend came to see us as they were visiting from London. We had a trip to the seaside, had some chips which the girls were determined were to feed the pigeons and seagulls, and the girls couldn’t resist going on the sand..




On Saturday night me and Craig went out with our friends (another couple) for an indian then for drinks. It was a good night – we all get on well and it was nice and relaxed just chatting and stuff without the babies interrupting – as much as I adore them its nice to have time without them too. And we took a selfie, just because:


On Sunday we had a lazy morning and the went to Craig’s parents at lunchtime for his Dads birthday. We had a lovely dinner (a kind of buffet lunch, Craig’s Mum always makes lovely food) and birthday cake. I didn’t take any photos because – well, I forgot 🙂

By 3pm the girls had had enough fun for one weekend – Amelia had a huge crying fit – she hasn’t behaved quite like that in years – so we decided it was time to leave – and quickly!  So we came home, Rosie napped and Amelia snuggled with the ipad while I took close ups of her – as you do.


It as a busy weekend, and we were all tired on Sunday evening but it was lovely seeing family and friends – we are so very lucky to have them all in our lives, and to have so many people who love the girls like we do.

And  I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend next week!



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