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My weekend post #4

First of all, my random but lovely tulips – £2 from aldi and they look beautiful (in my homemade pottery vase / popcorn tub):

I’m not good at remembering to blog. But I do love looking back at our ordinary lives and thinking about how much I love family life, the little things and our time together. It flies by, but is so important to capture.

This is weekend was a bit extra special. Craig has Friday and Saturday off work, which is a huge rarity. On Friday he made good progress with our dining room project, bricking above the woodburner and sanding the mantle. It’s getting closer to being a lovely room, but is too far away to get too excited by either. One day I will be able to show it off. This is what it’s like so far:

 We all picked Amelia up together and went for a walk nearby – Amelia was  little grumpy and Rosie had just woken up, but it blew away some cobwebs at least. Then we came home and had pizza. We also watched the muppet Christmas carol for film night – Amelia’s choice, which is a film I love. 

 On Saturday morning I went to town with Amelia where she insisted that she wanted jelly shoes and nothing else for summer. I also treated her to new books – the magic faraway tree and the adventures of the wishing  chair. For after we have finished the famous five book that we are reading at the moment. We also went to the cafe where I treated Amelia to a cake. We also laughed a lot at our reflections on the car – it did what those mirrors can do and made us look really short and fat. 

 In the afternoon I had an afternoon out – it was my friends 30th and we went for afternoon tea as a surprise – it was my first one and I really enjoyed it – the food in some ways  could have been a bit better, but it was a nice afternoon out. Kate, I know you read this, so sorry for the photos – I already know you won’t like them. And thank you for being my friend over the past 13 years – we might not see each other all the time, but when we do I always enjoy our catch ups. 

 Today has been rubbish. I woke up being sick in the night and today has been written off – I haven’t been sick but I’ve felt it all day, – just been laid on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. And haven’t eaten anything except half a round of toast. I’m hoping it clears tomorrow.

what has been great about today has been watching my girls. They are so sweet together – they giggle at each other a lot, and Rosie copies everything Amelia does, so when A jumps so does Rosie, and when A says something Rosie copies it. They have a lovely and  close bond which I always wanted them to have, and it makes me proud.

and I came to bed to find Amelia asleep in my bed like this, which can only ever make me smile. 


It’s been a while.

I haven’t blogged for the longest time (and now I’m pretty certain that I’m blogging just to myself!) for no reason other than I haven’t been bothered to write. Words don’t always come, and people have so many amazing blogs that I suppose I just lost the love for my little space.

Tonight though I suddenly felt the urge to write again. And to capture some of my memories from the past few months, so they don’t get lost forever. Here goes:

First, we went on holiday. It is a special place where we went – in the Lake District, a beautiful cottage in the best location. It was a perfect holiday really and just what I needed.

How grown up is my lovely girl here? This was at Buttermere.

Here, Craig and Amelia climbed down some rocks in Keswick, and this is one of my favourite photos. 

We had the best week, I would love to live there I think.

And last week it was Rosie’s birthday. She turned 2. We had a bouncy castle and BBQ on the Monday, she got a bit spoilt with lots of presents, and just enjoyed herself. Rosie is a lovely little thing, very placid and sweet, but knows exactly what she wants and mostly finds a way to get it. She is so very loved. 

Rosie and her auntie having a cuddle  🙂

 Think that’s it but I will post again soon. Xxx