It’s been a while.

I haven’t blogged for the longest time (and now I’m pretty certain that I’m blogging just to myself!) for no reason other than I haven’t been bothered to write. Words don’t always come, and people have so many amazing blogs that I suppose I just lost the love for my little space.

Tonight though I suddenly felt the urge to write again. And to capture some of my memories from the past few months, so they don’t get lost forever. Here goes:

First, we went on holiday. It is a special place where we went – in the Lake District, a beautiful cottage in the best location. It was a perfect holiday really and just what I needed.

How grown up is my lovely girl here? This was at Buttermere.

Here, Craig and Amelia climbed down some rocks in Keswick, and this is one of my favourite photos. 

We had the best week, I would love to live there I think.

And last week it was Rosie’s birthday. She turned 2. We had a bouncy castle and BBQ on the Monday, she got a bit spoilt with lots of presents, and just enjoyed herself. Rosie is a lovely little thing, very placid and sweet, but knows exactly what she wants and mostly finds a way to get it. She is so very loved. 

Rosie and her auntie having a cuddle  🙂

 Think that’s it but I will post again soon. Xxx


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