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Her first (and hopefully last) arm injury..


´╗┐Last Sunday did not turn out anything like I had expected. I had planned an afternoon of sorting out and playing in the garden with the girls. Instead, when I was hoovering the car Rosie had a fall and hurt her arm. It could have been hurt by Amelia helping her up too possibly, but we don’t know exactly how it happened.

Anyway, usually the girls hurt themselves about 10 times a day. After a couple of minutes of sympathy it’s forgotten. This time was different though. Rosie wasn’t moving her arm, and she wouldn’t let me put her down. She kept holding her arm like it was hurting and didn’t want it moved.

I wasn’t sure what to so to be honest – I don’t like wasting the time of medical services unless I have to. So I got a second and third opinion from my sister and Dad before we agreed that I should go to a and e with Rosie. So me and Craig took Rose to A and  E. 

She was very good to be fair. It was hot, and we were waiting about 1.5 hours before we were called. Rosie just sat on our knee and talked a little to us, and watched people coming and going (so did I – I was playing my own little guess the injury game).

Anyway, once we were called in we saw a lovely nurse. She really was kind. She sent us to get the arm x rayed (which Rosie hated) but we had to go for a 2nd X-ray as they hadn’t got the arm in the right position. She took us a shortcut way as it was a bit of a walk away, and this time they got the right view.

There is nothing broken, but as it was hurting her they decided to put a pot and sling on it. This came from nowhere, as they had been saying there was boing broken, so it was strange. But anyway, Rosie came home the little owner of a pot and sling on her arm.

We went back on Tuesday for a review appointment. They decided at that appointment to put another pot on for 2 weeks – they explained that little bones are fragile and so there may be a small fracture that isn’t picked up by X-ray. So she now has a pink pot. She doesn’t have to wear a sling though, and this one is lighter than the other so I think Rosie mostly doesn’t know she has one on. 

The NHS is struggling at the minute. But every single doctor / nurse we saw were great with Rosie and with us – they took time to explain things, they worked with what Rosie would allow and were gentle and kind to her. I know every experience is different, and I work with hospitals where I hear bad stories / experiences. But I just hope that we never lose the NHS as it’s just such a useful and precious thing to have. 

And Rosie is just fine – still jumping around and generally causing me as much worry as she always does. She’s not in much pain at all other than when she moves it awkwardly and hopefully it will be better very soon.