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An (overdue) update about my healthy eating…

I am officially rubbish at blogging, sorry. 

I thought I had better provide an update. I’m still plodding along with my healthy eating; I had a couple of weeks where I stayed the same weight since in those weeks I ate too much cake, basically. However, I haven’t gained once since starting so I see that as a success. Even in my worse weeks I have kept up running and run around about 5k (3.2 miles) about 3 times a week. 

This last week ( I weigh myself on Wednesdays) I lost a pound again. I started at somewhere around 11.12 (I didn’t weigh myself when I started so am guesstimating). Last Wed I weighed 10.8. So I have lost, and plan to continue losing weight. I still don’t really see it – I do a bit,  but not much. I guess that’s because it has been so steady and slow. However, that works best for me as I don’t have enough willpower to never eat anything sweet! 

Craig got me a fitbit about 3 weeks ago (I did talk about them for ages and he eventually got the hint!) and I really find it helpful. It’s making me want to hit my 10,000 steps every day – today I hit my personal best of over 20,000 steps. Generally though if I hit 10 I’m happy. And it helps me to think about my sleep pattern, bpmy heart rate and gives me motivation to be more active. So far so good. 

In myself I am feeling pretty confident overall, and I also feel proud of me and my friends for keeping up running and going on a regular basis. I’m enjoying getting out, finding different routes and just having some time for me which is important. 

I am finding the diet side of things harder. On work days it’s fine – I have a healthy breakfast, then a salad for lunch and something easy for tea. On weekends it doesn’t go quite as well and for me I’m a bit all or nothing about it (which is why weight loss has slowed down). However, I’m getting there, it’s just about continuing to find a balance that works for me.

There is no rush about it. I don’t even really have a ‘goal’ weight. I figure I’ll know when I feel that I’m at the point where I feel good about myself and don’t feel the need to lose anymore. That won’t be anytime soon, I figure I have at least another 3 months at the rate I’m going until I get to that point, although that’s a very rough estimate, But that’s okay. I still feel proud of the journey I have been on and am still on. Since April I have lost just over a stone, have started running and increased what I am doing activity wise, I’ve reduced my sugar intake by quite a bit and have made changes that are easy for me. I’ve done 3 5k races. And I have had people at work notice the difference in me and comment on it, so even if I’m not really noticing it yet, some others can. 

And that’s all from me for now!