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A decorated room…

This post is one I have been wanting to write for a long, long time. We have been decorating our dining room for what feels like forever now. There has been such a lot to do, and at times all we had has been a building site. We have ripped out a 1930’s fire and put in a woodburner (it looks amazing but was such hard work to do). We had a window replaced with patio doors. We stripped wallpaper, put in a mantlepiece, had it plastered, had electrics replaced. We put down laminate flooring and we painted and put in a door frame and skirting. Craig has done pretty much all of the work, wi help from his Dad where needed. And it has taken such a long time – time is so precious and we have two kids so decorating has to be balanced with having family times and enjoying them. Not to mention that Craig is a huge perfectionist – he likes to make sure that every angle, every corner, every single thing is just right. That takes time, but it is a room I can now look around and know that it is just right. 

From the start I knew what I wanted. I wanted lots of natural wood, and for the feeling of the room to fit in with the 1930’s house that we live in, but making sure it was also modern and suited our tastes. I wanted it to be practical and useable. And we like simple. 

But – we are almost there. All there is to do (finally) is finish a bit of skirting, find a door and change the light. And I absolutely love it. I have some more finishing touches in mind (I want a small rug, and some other personal trinkets as well as some shelves) but it’s close enough for now. 

Here it is in pictures:

Sideboard –

Mirror – local swaps and sales site.

copper garland light – not on the high street.

vintage radio – tesco.

Lamp – John Lewis.

After all this time print – etsy.

What if I fall print – oh flora.