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This time last week we were on holiday in the Lake District. 

We stayed in the white cottage in the photo – Darling How. It was great, as always. Returning to the same place each year is special for me – every year I remember the year before, and i love building memories in the same place each year. Amelia remembered last year too, and knew exactly what she wanted to do with her week. She wanted to build a bridge, play hide and seek in the cottage and go in the hot tub. 

As Easter was earlier this year, the weather wasn’t as sunny as last year. We had a few windy, rainy days, but we still got out and about every day. It got nicer toward the end of the week too.  The girls both had Wellies (so did I!) and they loved jumping in puddles – Amelia was ‘making hot chocolate’ in the puddles, and Rosie just thought she was peppa pig. They walked in the streams, we found lots of frogspawn, and we went to Amelia’s favourite bridge every single day (she didn’t want to explore anywhere else!) and threw stones, made bridges, walked in the stream and just played. 

My favourite things about this year were:

– being at the bridge – watching the girls just play without it having to cost anything or involve anything more than water, stones, sticks and imagination was great. It’s what they need and made it special.

– Fairyland. There’s a walk just outside the cottage which gets you direct to ‘fairly land’ where the fairies live. Amelia got a gift from them (a fairy doll) and she was so happy and excited and I just loved her innocence and belief in magic. She talked about it non stop for the rest of the day:

Playing at being a witch and chasing the girls round the cottage with Rosie shouting ‘try n get me’ and hiding from each other. 

Watching the kids in the hot tub – they both loved it. Although I have to admit that they are fearless and this panicked me a bit! 

– going for a walk in the evening with Lydia -the sun was shining and it was lovely. And I’d had a bit of wine and found a few silly things really, really funny lol. 

– going in the hot tub when the stars were out.

– having time to read my book, and not having to rush to get things done or be anywhere, or to have loads of house tasks to do. 

– spending tIme with my family – my nana was poorly and in hospital until 2 days before we left so having her there was special too, and the holiday wouldn’t have been the same without her there. 

I could go on but I won’t. Amelia said it was the best holiday ever, and Rosie didn’t say anything but I know she had the best time. I loved it, and just wish we could have stayed even longer as it went by so fast! 

I love holidays – making memories without distractions. Now I just have to wait for the next one! 



When I was expecting Rosie, I really struggled with finding a name for her. Nothing seemed to fit, or seemed right. I must have gone through every name in the history of the world. It wasn’t until about a week before she was born that I decided.

Rosie Eloise. 

I chose it because it has meaning. Rosie is my nanas name (well, Rose, but we call her nana Rosie). It’s also my sisters middle name. And Elouise is a tribute to my other sisters middle name.

I chose this because I wanted her name to have meaning. And because my nana (and my sisters, but that’s not for this post!) is such a strong, loving, generous and unique person. She is funny – she has her quirks and once formed her opinions rarely change – once decided, she sets things into stone to remain that way. She’s an inspiration to me, and the centre of the family. 

I’m glad I chose it for my littlest girl. It suits her. She is placid but stubborn, brave but timid, easy going but with a temper when it suits her. She is a girl of opposites, and I see a lot of my nanas personality in hers. She is loving and loved, and quietly sets out to achieve whatever it is that she has set her mind on. Just like nana Rosie. 

My nana has a close bond with both my girls. But she especially loves babies – she dotes on them, and thinks each baby that comes along is the most clever / cute / forward baby there is. She has a close bond to my Rosie, and likes that she is named after her. 

I love my nana Rosie, and am grateful for the memories I have of her when I was growing up, and the memories I have and will create of her with my girls. I’m grateful that she knows and loves them and they know and love her. And I just wanted to capture just one day – an ordinary visit where I just took a few pictures of nana and Rosie together. 


My weekend post #4

First of all, my random but lovely tulips – £2 from aldi and they look beautiful (in my homemade pottery vase / popcorn tub):

I’m not good at remembering to blog. But I do love looking back at our ordinary lives and thinking about how much I love family life, the little things and our time together. It flies by, but is so important to capture.

This is weekend was a bit extra special. Craig has Friday and Saturday off work, which is a huge rarity. On Friday he made good progress with our dining room project, bricking above the woodburner and sanding the mantle. It’s getting closer to being a lovely room, but is too far away to get too excited by either. One day I will be able to show it off. This is what it’s like so far:

 We all picked Amelia up together and went for a walk nearby – Amelia was  little grumpy and Rosie had just woken up, but it blew away some cobwebs at least. Then we came home and had pizza. We also watched the muppet Christmas carol for film night – Amelia’s choice, which is a film I love. 

 On Saturday morning I went to town with Amelia where she insisted that she wanted jelly shoes and nothing else for summer. I also treated her to new books – the magic faraway tree and the adventures of the wishing  chair. For after we have finished the famous five book that we are reading at the moment. We also went to the cafe where I treated Amelia to a cake. We also laughed a lot at our reflections on the car – it did what those mirrors can do and made us look really short and fat. 

 In the afternoon I had an afternoon out – it was my friends 30th and we went for afternoon tea as a surprise – it was my first one and I really enjoyed it – the food in some ways  could have been a bit better, but it was a nice afternoon out. Kate, I know you read this, so sorry for the photos – I already know you won’t like them. And thank you for being my friend over the past 13 years – we might not see each other all the time, but when we do I always enjoy our catch ups. 

 Today has been rubbish. I woke up being sick in the night and today has been written off – I haven’t been sick but I’ve felt it all day, – just been laid on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. And haven’t eaten anything except half a round of toast. I’m hoping it clears tomorrow.

what has been great about today has been watching my girls. They are so sweet together – they giggle at each other a lot, and Rosie copies everything Amelia does, so when A jumps so does Rosie, and when A says something Rosie copies it. They have a lovely and  close bond which I always wanted them to have, and it makes me proud.

and I came to bed to find Amelia asleep in my bed like this, which can only ever make me smile. 


Weekend post 3..

This weekend I have made an effort with photos and capturing our weekend. They mean so much to me – now that Amelia is at school full time we have to fit everything into two days, which go far too fast!

We have fallen into a routine of having Saturday breakfast – something different to the rest of the week. This Saturday it was these:

Then we did some painting – our daffodils are a work in progress, but we also painted Easter eggs and the Easter bunny (who is obviously a girl, as if you didn’t know!). we haven’t done painting for ages and we enjoyed it. Rosie especially surprised me – she was quite happy with her paintbrush and paper, experimenting with colour. She’s growing up faster than I’m ready to accept I think.

Then I cleaned up – it has to be done! And I bribed gave Amelia pocket money for hoovering the rug and polishing. The photos of her make me feel that she’s so grown up now – she is (in my eyes at least) beautiful, and is learning so much about the world every day. 

Ohh, and I made rice pudding in the slow cooker – pudding rice, milk and cinammon – slow cooked for about 5 hours, it turned out well, and lasted us for 2 days as pudding –  will make it again for definite 🙂

Today I wanted to have some time with my biggest girl. So we decided to take a trip to the museum (the fishing heritage centre locally). It was really interesting actually – I really enjoyed taking a trip on one of the old working trawls, guided by one of the fishermen. 

Amelia was scared of the actual museum though, which was botH sweet and frustrating. She thought it was like night at the museum and that the figures were going to come to life. We had to go and ‘check’ with the lovely girl on reception in the end. She did gradually start to enjoy it though, we just took it slowly and went back to some of the rooms she was worried by initially. I’ve added some photos below – please excuse her outfit, she chose it herself. 

We had lunch in a cafe, popped to see my sister and then came home to a huge hug from my littlest one – she just kept saying ‘mama’ over and over and it was lovely – small moments like that make me realise that they do love me. 

My weekend ended with more rice pudding and preparing packed lunch for tomorrow. For once I have been organised with it!

Apologies for all the photos, but since I took them I wanted to share them too 🙂 I hope your weekend was just as good xxx

Black and white photography..


I have chosen to join In with the black and white photography linky this week, after not blogging much for quite a while. The photo I have chosen is of my littlest girl Rosie when we went for an Autumn walk in the woods. Rosie kept running away, and I snapped this picture quickly before I had to chase her as she wanted to run into a ditch!

I love the way the light falls on this photo – sometimes as you take a photo it just feels ‘right’ doesn’t it – the picture might not be posed or have her face, but it don’t care, I still love it.

If you would like to join in, you can add a photo too at podcast dove

Black and white photography linky


For the black and white photography linky this week I’ve chosen this photo. It is of Amelia on a bouncy castle at market raisen races last Sunday. I love it – I couldn’t even properly explain why, but I do.

Join in at podcast if you wish 🙂


Black and white linky.


This week the photo I have chosen is a recent one. I took it last week during a family day out to the seaside. We had a really lovely day – we live quite near the sea anyway,mbut last week was the first time Amelia loved the sea (literally loved it, she could have played for hours).

And it was Amelia’s first donkey ride on the beach. I snapped this photo, and love it as to me it represents a tradition – donkey rides on the beach, while not for everyone, were part of the excitement of my days out to the beach growing up, and Amelia too was very excited about going on a donkey.

In this photo I love the small details in the sand in the foreground, and that the sea can be seen in the background. I also like that only a small section of the donkeys can be seen, not all of them. It’s not the usual way I take a photo but something about it works for me.

I’ve joined in with podcast dove and the black and white linky.


Sun, sea, sand


I love the sea. I love the beach, and everything it represents. Traditions from my own childhood being passed on to my girls. Memories of my childhood intertwining with making memories with and for the girls. Family time, fun. To me, that is what it’s all about.

Today we went to mablethorpe. It’s a place I used to go with my parents for daytrips each summer. And now we go at least once a year – it’s about an hour away so too far to go all the time but close enough that it makes a great day out.

Today were a couple of firsts.
– The first time Amelia played properly in the sea – jumping waves, running in, sitting down in the water. Loving the water and the waves,
– The first donkey ride. Amelia had her first ride on ‘mickey’ the donkey. She was really concentrating during the ride, and said she loved it afterwards.
– Rosie’s first paddle in the sea.

It wasn’t a perfect day – parking was terrible as it was so busy so we parked in a one hour slot for lots longer and moved the car later. And I had a strop (quite a big one!) as at 2pm we realised that we needed dinner – we had to walk Into ‘town’ to a cash machine, and queue for food. I don’t know why this was such a huge deal, but I felt a bit guilty at being a neglectful mum mostly. We also fed us all chips, even Rosie. And I forgot baby wipes – an essential I’m usually never ever without. But other than the above, it was a really great day.

The memory that will stay with me always is playing in the sea with Amelia. I had time with just my older girl while Craig stayed with Rosie on the beach – she soaked her clothes but I didn’t even stop her as she was having so much fun (and I had spares!) just seeing her having fun without any fear was lovely – she kept saying to me that she was having so much fun and she loved going deeper into the sea (my dress also got really wet!).

I have attached quite a few photos – I know there are quite a few, but there are so many that I love!






Black and white photography linky


To join in with the black and white linky again this week I have used another photo from a while ago, but which I used in colour not black and white. When I was looking through it’s the photo that jumped out to me that I wanted to use. I love using the macro setting on my camera – I always find that it takes the most effective photos.

Hope you enjoy! To join in go

Black and white photography linky


The photo I’ve chosen to link up is a black and white photograph that I love. I love close up photos of paths anyway, and this one has the Humber Bridge in the background. It’s a photo that is a couple of months old now, but when I saw this new linky it’s the first photo I thought of that I wanted to link up.

The linky is to link up one (or more) black and white photographs each week. They can be new or old, as long as they are black and white. If you would like to join in go to