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A happy half term.

It may sound silly to say, but I really have found it harder than I would have thought having Amelia at full time school since September. It makes time go so much quicker, with very little time for family fun. I really miss her – I miss crafts, educational projects and daytrips out which I took for granted before.

But it was half term last week – the perfect chance to fit in lots of fun 🙂 I made a timetable – I drew it, put the days and put 2 activities each day, with lunch I between. In the morning it was a going out activity generally, and in the afternoon was something just for Amelia while Rosie napped. Some of the things we did were:

– we made a den.
– bake a pie for tea.
– lots and lots of drawing and colouring.
– reading books.
– I brought the mattress downstairs, put cushions around it and they had a trampoline for the day.
– we went to McDonald’s.
– we went to a ‘secret cafe’ (BHS!) in town after getting Rosie some new shoes. Amelia had £3 to spend and chose some hair clips – she offered me the money for Rosie’s shoes though 🙂
– we visited the library.
– we went for a walk.
– we watched a film.
– swimming.
– we went to visit friends.

We also (this was not on my list!) went to the circus, me, Amelia and my Mum. It was really good -we saw planet circus, which was stunts, including a motorbike kind from britains got talent – although we didn’t know that at the time! I really enjoyed it, and so did Amelia. Thank you Mum 🙂

We had a lot of fun this half term. I feel like we did a lot,many that’s remembering that I was sick 1.5 days and worked 1.5 days. We fitted a lot in 🙂

And something sweet (and funny) – we did the food shop one day, and Amelia really wanted to use her ‘pennies’ to buy the cereals – I said t save it, and she replied ‘but Mum, I only want to waste my money so that you don’t have to waste yours.’ I thought it was sweet and very thoughtful, bless her. And no, I didn’t let her pay for the cereals! She did lend me £1 for the trolley though 🙂

I love my girls. When they are grown, these are the times I will miss more than any others.




Another ice activity..


This week, as another activity, we used ice again as Amelia enjoyed melting ice cubes so much last week. This week, as a re-enforcement of last time, I decided to freeze some of her toys into a big container, and then to see if we could ‘rescue’ them from the ice.

This went really well. At first, Amelia didn’t think of melting the ice, and so we tried to stab it with different things. Then I suggested that we needed to melt it, and Amelia remembered that we need warm water. So I filled a bigger bowl with warm water (this was fine, but took replacing a few times) and in the end. Let Amelia pour the warm water in herself.

This was a really good activity to do with Amelia – it took about 20 minutes, then water play afterwards. Amelia wanted to do it again straight afterwards, always a food sign! I have promised her that we will do different coloured ice cubes another day 🙂 I’m wondering if I can do a ‘mixing the colours to make different colours’ as part of the same activity.

Meanwhile, we have cornflour goo to make, coloured rice to play with and do some craft with, some handprint art t make and a volcano 🙂 loads planned for half term week! I would love to home school her next year, but just can’t afford to not go back to work, and I’d be worried that shed be bored without having school friends. However, I love doing different activities with her and we both have a lot of fun 🙂