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The ordinary moments – discovering ‘baba’

When Amelia was one she got babies for her birthday. She loved them – said ‘aww’ to them and loved kissing them, and hitting them and dragging them everywhere.

Rosie has just discovered Amelia’s old babas. She’s a little later to figure them out, but now she loves going to stand up to look into the pram, dragging one out, and kissing, eating, cuddling and patting it on the back / hitting it. She loves the babas at the moment, and it really reminds me of her sister at the same age.

The baba is old, has no clothes, and is a scruffy neglected little thing. But Rosie doesn’t care about that, she is learning about cuddles, kisses, love and kindness – In her own baby way of course.

So this is my ordinary moment for this week – I couldn’t get any decent photos because – well, it’s hard to get a baby to pose with a doll! But I just clicked a couple, and although they are most definatly not masterpieces, I do love them because of what they represent to me.

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