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Weight loss update

On the 4th April I started healthy eating. I thought I would mention his that’s going..

In the past 7 weeks (ish) I have lost a stone in weight. I am not weighing myself too often, but now and again to make sure that generally things are how I want them to be, I have about another stone to lose, but that’s not as important to me as how my clothes fit. My clothes are fitting a bit better and I’m feeling more confident and comfortable. I’ve started getting the odd comment – someone at work mentioned today that they can tell I have lost weight – which to me means that other people are starting to see what I see.

I’m eating carefully, but not too strictly. On an average day I will have a breakfast of either porridge, a slice of wholemeal toast with peanut butter, granola, fruit and yogurt or poached egg and toast. Lunch will be salad, soup or a sandwich but a couple of times a week at home I will make jacket potato with tuna and salad or fishcake and vegetables. Then tea is whatever I fancy really – tonight was battered fish, mushy peas and a round of bread. Last night was chicken, mash and veg. I try to vary it as if I get bored it won’t work, and I don’t want to make separate meals to my family. I’m thinking about it and am not eating snacks – sometimes about 3/4 I’ll have fruit and a handful of nuts, but only if I’m running or if I’m having a later tea. I’m not eating ‘junk’ class though and don’t really miss them. 

There have been the odd days of things that are not healthy. On Sunday night after race for life I couldn’t be bothered to cook and we got a takeaway (chicken kebabs). And the odd glass or two of wine. But this is only once a week or so, not too often.

I’m feeling pretty good overall. I’ve changed some habits – I’ve started drinking water in the day, stopped drinking tea, made breakfast healthier and learnt about what works for me. 

And I’ve been running. I started a beginners 8 week running course and am on week 7 this week. And I’m really enjoying it. It’s hard sometimes, but I always feel good afterwards. And in 7 weeks I’ve gone from really struggling to run a mile to running 5k last Sunday in 38 minutes. My next one will be in 35 🙂 I have been running 3 times a week, on Fridays with the club and then on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings with Zara, hannah and sometimes Lydia and Brooke if they can make it. And it’s nice going, and it feels great to have done it afterwards. It’s something I hope to carry on for a while to come, and I’ve already booked another 2 5k races, one in June and one in September. 

So yeah, enjoying life so far 🙂 xx

Healthy eating update

I’ve been thinking a lot more carefully about my lifestyle since the beginning of April (I started on the 4th April) and in the past month things have been going really well. I feel really focused – not in an obsessive, calorie counting way, but just following some general (made up by myself!) rules, which are:

– Eat a healthy breakfast. This is usually either muslei and yogurt with fruit, banana porridge (no sugar added) or toast with poached egg or tomatoes. I don’t calorie count it but know that generally it’s around 3-400 calories. 

– changing my drinks. I now drink a herbal tea in the morning, and water through the day. I have one normal cup of tea in the evening. 

– reducing bread. On days when I have toast for breakfast, I don’t have bread for dinner. And sometimes no bread at all. I have a salad or soup instead. Bread isn’t bad, but I find it does no harm to reduce it either. 

– Meal planning. I know (mostly) when I’m going to be eating each day. So tomorrow I already know that I’m having porridge for breakfast, then an egg salad (already made) for lunch, and Craig is making tea, but I will ask him for it to be healthy for me. 

– Say no to treats. The only treats I have now are planned for. So, for example, this week on Sunday was Rosie’s birthday. I knew I wouldn’t eat well, so I ate healthy all week to allow for that day. I didn’t eat any sweets, or unhealthy snacks, and ran 3 times. And On Sunday I did eat (and drink)  more than I probably should have (once I start I have no willpower!) but instead of then giving up totally I just ran this morning and ate well again today and it’s back to normal now. 

– Doing running. I’ve been running 3 times a week, which I am loving. I go with a couple of friends and it’s been great. Once a week we go to a club. And I feel much happier, more confident and am getting so much enjoyment from it – I really feel that it could become a routine that I stick to as I’m loving it so much. 

– I’ve mentioned it already, but not giving up. Having a day, or meal, when I eat too much doesn’t make me feel that I’ve failed, or that I should give up. I just get back to it rather than let myself feel bad about it. Life happens and not everything goes right all of the time. 

That’s it. It’s not rocket science, but it’s working. I can see changes in myself – not huge changes yet as that will come over time. I’m much more confident though, and drinking loads of water (I’m also trying to drink 2 litres a day) has made my skin so much better. 

I don’t weigh myself (or only occasionally anyway) as I always find that this for me does more harm than good (no weight loss makes me give up and ruins my confidence) so I have no idea where I started. I’m definately finding that taking pictures of myself and keeping an eye on how my clothes are fitting a more useful guide right now. 

So yeah, all good so far 🙂

Weekend post 3..

This weekend I have made an effort with photos and capturing our weekend. They mean so much to me – now that Amelia is at school full time we have to fit everything into two days, which go far too fast!

We have fallen into a routine of having Saturday breakfast – something different to the rest of the week. This Saturday it was these:

Then we did some painting – our daffodils are a work in progress, but we also painted Easter eggs and the Easter bunny (who is obviously a girl, as if you didn’t know!). we haven’t done painting for ages and we enjoyed it. Rosie especially surprised me – she was quite happy with her paintbrush and paper, experimenting with colour. She’s growing up faster than I’m ready to accept I think.

Then I cleaned up – it has to be done! And I bribed gave Amelia pocket money for hoovering the rug and polishing. The photos of her make me feel that she’s so grown up now – she is (in my eyes at least) beautiful, and is learning so much about the world every day. 

Ohh, and I made rice pudding in the slow cooker – pudding rice, milk and cinammon – slow cooked for about 5 hours, it turned out well, and lasted us for 2 days as pudding –  will make it again for definite 🙂

Today I wanted to have some time with my biggest girl. So we decided to take a trip to the museum (the fishing heritage centre locally). It was really interesting actually – I really enjoyed taking a trip on one of the old working trawls, guided by one of the fishermen. 

Amelia was scared of the actual museum though, which was botH sweet and frustrating. She thought it was like night at the museum and that the figures were going to come to life. We had to go and ‘check’ with the lovely girl on reception in the end. She did gradually start to enjoy it though, we just took it slowly and went back to some of the rooms she was worried by initially. I’ve added some photos below – please excuse her outfit, she chose it herself. 

We had lunch in a cafe, popped to see my sister and then came home to a huge hug from my littlest one – she just kept saying ‘mama’ over and over and it was lovely – small moments like that make me realise that they do love me. 

My weekend ended with more rice pudding and preparing packed lunch for tomorrow. For once I have been organised with it!

Apologies for all the photos, but since I took them I wanted to share them too 🙂 I hope your weekend was just as good xxx

Meal planning Monday…

I don’t join in with meal planning often, simply because there are weeks when I just don’t have the energy to try to plan ahead, and when I plan I end up relying on the same few recipes each week. But this week I don’t have a huge amount left in the fridge or freezer and so I decided that making a meal plan would help me to use everything I have (I do hate throwing anything away).

To help to inspire me I got my recipe books out, and found a few recipes to mix the week up a bit – nothing over fussy or complicated, but good home cooked food.

Monday: veggie sweet and sour stir fry with rice noodles (I’ve already made this for both my lunch and tea tomorrow – I’m at work and so hate to have to cook when I get home at 6, with kids to get in bed too).

Tuesday: the last of the veggies (carrots, baby sweetcorn, sweet potato cubes and steamed parsnips with meat of some kind – I have to buy something).

Wednesday – fish, wedges and mushy peas.

Thursday – hoisin chicken wraps ( from the good food store cupboard recipes) with salad.

Friday – spicy chicken and bacon pasties ( from the good food chicken recipes) with – well, I haven’t decided what with yet!

Saturday – beef salad with wholemeal pitta breads.

Sunday – mustard pork chops (from nigella express) with mustard mash and veg.


Chicken pitta salad.


Okay, so I’m the first to admit that this is a simple, simple tea to make. But I had a craving for it last week, and bought a chicken *at the bargain price of £3.70!) which made this, chicken buns on Sunday and chicken fajitas and salad on Monday night.

This was a yummy lunch. Chicken, salad, pitta bread and it’s done. I love simple, home cooked and yet delicious food. And who says you cant eat salad in winter? 🙂


Meal planning Monday..

I am officially rubbish at meal planning. Each Monday comes around too quickly for a start – it ought to slow down a bit! Most weeks I forget, and the weeks I don’t I usually don’t feel like the planned meal and cheat.

This week, I have created a simple meal plan, made up of our regular and favourite meals, In the hope that keeping it simple helps me stick to it 🙂


Frozen pie, frozen steamed veg and new potatoes.


Whatever Craig makes (he’s a good cook, but I never tell him that!)


Chilli con carne with pasta.


Beef stew.


Film night tea – chicken nuggets, chips and beans.


Fireworks at my sisters with yummy food 🙂


Gammon ham and vegetables.

I am going to link up with

– join In, I dare you 🙂 I love to see what others are making, and getting inspired from other peoples yummy cooking.

Meal planning Monday..

Gosh, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. I started a few and then stopped. I’m going to leave it by saying that I’ve been having such a stressful time at work that I’ve struggled to think about anything else. There’s a lot going on, and I’m struggling to manage my time, so when I get home I just want to think about nothing, and snuggle on the sofa with uncomplicated tv, reading blogs or a book on my iPad or browsing the internet. It’s about all I have the energy to manage right now.

I have a meal plan for this week though, so it seemed to make sense to take part in meal planning Monday, with at home with mrs m.

Here’s the plan:

Monday (today) chicken stir fry with sweet chilli and garlic sauce.

Tuesday: whatever Craig makes for when I get home from work.

Wednesday: beef stew and dumplings ( I made it in the slow cooker yesterday and popped it in the freezer). I think it’s good, even if I do say so myself. I like stew when it gets to Autumn.

Thursday: lamb shepherds pie with a sweet potato topping, kale, carrots and sweetcorn.

Friday: chicken curry.

Saturday: burgers in buns with salad or chilli con carne from the freezer (leftovers) with rice and garlic bread. Not sure which yet.

Sunday: Sunday dinner.

I like having a plan 🙂 however, due to non planning my shopping bill has been creeping up recently (I spent about £65 this week,at morissons) and so I’m going to have to knock it back down again. I don’t even know what I bought exactly that made it so expensive compared to normal – i thin I just ended up with too much in my trolley by the end. Usually I shop at aldi, but occasionally I need washing powder (or crave their fresh bread!) and end up back at morissons.

I have a couple of book reviews that I want to post, so will get them posted in the next couple of nights.

What’s in my fridge…


I saw a post a couple of weeks back, written by and then the fun began and thought it was an interesting idea. It was basically a picture of her fridge.
I’ve been waiting since for a time when my fridge looks ‘interesting’ but I’ve realised that it never does, so I’m just going to post how it looks on an average week 🙂

I have to admit that when I look I think it’s boring, but this is just the type of thing we always have in the fridge. It’s never ordered or tidy, I just end up putting things wherever they fit!

Sorry if you find this post boring but enjoy xxx

Meal planning Monday

This week Monday has come around so fast! Last week the meal planning went well – I do find that it focuses me on what I want to make. Here’s the plan for this week:

Monday (today) – we had a bank holiday BBQ with burgers, sausages and minted lamb. It was lovely but I have eaten too much!

Tomorrow – Craig cooks so it is upto him.

Wednesday – I’m tempted to do a midweek roast – chicken, stuffing and veg.

Thursday – chicken stew with leftovers.

Friday – creamy corgette and bacon pasta, from last week as it was yummy.

Saturday – chicken thighs, rice fusions rice, sweetcorn and peas.

Sunday – chicken pies and veg.

Ive got some lovely asparagus that I want to use up on Wednesday, and just want to use up all the bits and bobs we have hanging around this week – stew is a great way to use everything that’s leftover!

And here’s a look at a couple of the meals i made last week (creamy pasta, and ham, egg and new potato salad). I really wanted to blog about the BBQ pulled pork I made for Mexican night yesterday, but forgot to photograph it, doh. Will be making again another week though, so I will have to remember to take photos!



I have joined in with mrs m – to join in click on the badge below:

Meal Planning Monday

Meal planning Monday

This week I have decided to try some different meals, something to get a little excited about. I am also quite poor though, so I’ve tried to think of slightly different but affordable meals, that we will all enjoy and don’t take too long to make.

So with that in mind, here’s my plan for the week.

Monday – some kind of stir fry concoction. I would like to do a spicy beef, veg and noodle stir fry. It has to be quick and simple as we work Mondays. But we haven’t had stir fry for months as the kids don’t like it, so it will still make a nice change.

Tuesday – Craig cooks so he’s in charge.

Wednesday – pasta. I want to try this corgette and bacon pasta recipe : http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2303681/creamy-courgette-and-bacon-pasta . I never experiment with pasta – i stick to tuna pasta or tomato pasta. This looks like a lovely change, so going to give it a go.

Thursday – gammon, egg and new potato salad.

Friday – film night – leftover ham, eggs, rice and beans.

Saturday – we are at a wedding reception and girls are sleeping out, so just a sandwich to keep us going I think.

Sunday – Mexican night with family. We are each going to bring something – my contribution will be slow cooked (hopefully pulled) spicy pork, shredded beef, and maybe a salsa. Nom.

I have joined in with the linky run by At home with Mrs M – click on the badge below for more information 🙂 I enjoy this as it reminds me to plan my meals, helps me budget and it reminds when when I forget what I have planned for each day!

And I will just finish my post with a couple of the meals we had last week – I was a bit rubbish and kept forgetting to take photos, so only got a couple, but I’ll try to get better at this!

Meal Planning Monday