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This time last week we were on holiday in the Lake District. 

We stayed in the white cottage in the photo – Darling How. It was great, as always. Returning to the same place each year is special for me – every year I remember the year before, and i love building memories in the same place each year. Amelia remembered last year too, and knew exactly what she wanted to do with her week. She wanted to build a bridge, play hide and seek in the cottage and go in the hot tub. 

As Easter was earlier this year, the weather wasn’t as sunny as last year. We had a few windy, rainy days, but we still got out and about every day. It got nicer toward the end of the week too.  The girls both had Wellies (so did I!) and they loved jumping in puddles – Amelia was ‘making hot chocolate’ in the puddles, and Rosie just thought she was peppa pig. They walked in the streams, we found lots of frogspawn, and we went to Amelia’s favourite bridge every single day (she didn’t want to explore anywhere else!) and threw stones, made bridges, walked in the stream and just played. 

My favourite things about this year were:

– being at the bridge – watching the girls just play without it having to cost anything or involve anything more than water, stones, sticks and imagination was great. It’s what they need and made it special.

– Fairyland. There’s a walk just outside the cottage which gets you direct to ‘fairly land’ where the fairies live. Amelia got a gift from them (a fairy doll) and she was so happy and excited and I just loved her innocence and belief in magic. She talked about it non stop for the rest of the day:

Playing at being a witch and chasing the girls round the cottage with Rosie shouting ‘try n get me’ and hiding from each other. 

Watching the kids in the hot tub – they both loved it. Although I have to admit that they are fearless and this panicked me a bit! 

– going for a walk in the evening with Lydia -the sun was shining and it was lovely. And I’d had a bit of wine and found a few silly things really, really funny lol. 

– going in the hot tub when the stars were out.

– having time to read my book, and not having to rush to get things done or be anywhere, or to have loads of house tasks to do. 

– spending tIme with my family – my nana was poorly and in hospital until 2 days before we left so having her there was special too, and the holiday wouldn’t have been the same without her there. 

I could go on but I won’t. Amelia said it was the best holiday ever, and Rosie didn’t say anything but I know she had the best time. I loved it, and just wish we could have stayed even longer as it went by so fast! 

I love holidays – making memories without distractions. Now I just have to wait for the next one! 


Rosie’s favourite game…


At 2.5 Rosie is really developing quickly now. Her language is amazing, she can say sentences and make almost everything that she wants to say known. And she is starting to really imagine, and play for longer.

Her favourite game (one which we play daily) is ‘making dinner.’ This involves using either play food or blocks, and pots / plates / cups or bowls. She makes ‘pasta’ or ‘sausages’ and cups of tea. She mixes, pours from one bowl to another, serves them and then takes them away and it starts again. We were woken up at 6am yesterday with her bringing in a little tray with pretend cake, and she woke us up serving it up to us (repeatedly, for just under an hour!) Sleep is overrated in the mornings anyway. Seriously though, it really occupies her for ages.

It’s role play, and the beginnings of using her imagination. I remember playing similar games with Amelia . Rosie knows that it’s pretend, but at the same time it’s a serious business for her. She really concentrates on whatever she is doing, and she plays is whenever she can.


Can you see the concentration on her face..

I have to admit that it’s a game I quite like too, if for no other reason than that it occupies Rosie so well. It can also teach them so much; colours, shapes, foods, co-ordination, motor skills and role play. It’s simple, but a really great way to learn about the world she lives in.


My weekend diary…

I love the weekend. I have to admit that I live for quiet relaxed days, pottering about with my girls and just appreciating life and the little things that make me happy.

This weekend has been a good one. Friday started well – from picking Amelia up we went straight to my friends and watched a film (barbie, although the girls got bored and went off to play!) had hotdogs and cookies and chatted. The babies are really cute together too – Rosie strokes Loic and gave him lots of hugs. And at one point they stood with her arm around him watching the fish tank. 

On Saturday I wanted a quiet day. I spent the morning cleaning this:

When my upstairs was respectable again, we all had lunch with my Dad – he made a lovely bacon salad with some jacket potatoes – he is a good cook, both my parents are. It was nice, it is my second home as we spend so much time there!

After that we came back home and spent the afternoon in the garden – my lovely sister and her future husband came and ended up helping too. Amelia made us all ‘pack up’ as gardening makes you hungry apparently – she made all sorts quite happily and put thought into it. And later on Rosie enjoyed playing with pots and mud:

Ignore the fuzzy photos, they were taken on my iPhone 🙂

We had haddock for tea and the girls loved playing with Craig when he got home – they love him loads and I love watching them play. 

Then today I went to the gym – I have to admit I was grumpy when I went – I felt tired still and didn’t want to go. But I did and I’m glad I did, I felt better the rest of the day. 

In the afternoon I took the girls for a walk in the very muddy woods with my sisters:

We came home full of mud, Rosie had her nap and we watched tv and I made roast gammon with roasted potatoes and veg for dinner – I didn’t take any pictures (sorry!) but it was lovely.

And now – now my girls are sleeping out as their nannie has them tomorrow while we work – so I’m sitting wishing I didn’t go back to work tomorrow, but excited about having more than 15 minutes to get up and ready in the morning.


Our weekend..

This weekend was a fairly typical one for us. Full of bits and bobs – family, food and jobs. I thought that I would share some of what we got up to. It started with ‘Saturday breakfast.’ A tradition I have of making a bit more effort on a Saturday – something that is more of a treat than a chore. This week it was some yummy hot cross buns and a cup of tea (for me). They were a bargain too at 50p or 6 from Aldi.


We did a bit of cleaning up and got dressed lazily, with no rush, and then my sister in law and her boyfriend came to see us as they were visiting from London. We had a trip to the seaside, had some chips which the girls were determined were to feed the pigeons and seagulls, and the girls couldn’t resist going on the sand..




On Saturday night me and Craig went out with our friends (another couple) for an indian then for drinks. It was a good night – we all get on well and it was nice and relaxed just chatting and stuff without the babies interrupting – as much as I adore them its nice to have time without them too. And we took a selfie, just because:


On Sunday we had a lazy morning and the went to Craig’s parents at lunchtime for his Dads birthday. We had a lovely dinner (a kind of buffet lunch, Craig’s Mum always makes lovely food) and birthday cake. I didn’t take any photos because – well, I forgot 🙂

By 3pm the girls had had enough fun for one weekend – Amelia had a huge crying fit – she hasn’t behaved quite like that in years – so we decided it was time to leave – and quickly!  So we came home, Rosie napped and Amelia snuggled with the ipad while I took close ups of her – as you do.


It as a busy weekend, and we were all tired on Sunday evening but it was lovely seeing family and friends – we are so very lucky to have them all in our lives, and to have so many people who love the girls like we do.

And  I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend next week!


A happy half term.

It may sound silly to say, but I really have found it harder than I would have thought having Amelia at full time school since September. It makes time go so much quicker, with very little time for family fun. I really miss her – I miss crafts, educational projects and daytrips out which I took for granted before.

But it was half term last week – the perfect chance to fit in lots of fun 🙂 I made a timetable – I drew it, put the days and put 2 activities each day, with lunch I between. In the morning it was a going out activity generally, and in the afternoon was something just for Amelia while Rosie napped. Some of the things we did were:

– we made a den.
– bake a pie for tea.
– lots and lots of drawing and colouring.
– reading books.
– I brought the mattress downstairs, put cushions around it and they had a trampoline for the day.
– we went to McDonald’s.
– we went to a ‘secret cafe’ (BHS!) in town after getting Rosie some new shoes. Amelia had £3 to spend and chose some hair clips – she offered me the money for Rosie’s shoes though 🙂
– we visited the library.
– we went for a walk.
– we watched a film.
– swimming.
– we went to visit friends.

We also (this was not on my list!) went to the circus, me, Amelia and my Mum. It was really good -we saw planet circus, which was stunts, including a motorbike kind from britains got talent – although we didn’t know that at the time! I really enjoyed it, and so did Amelia. Thank you Mum 🙂

We had a lot of fun this half term. I feel like we did a lot,many that’s remembering that I was sick 1.5 days and worked 1.5 days. We fitted a lot in 🙂

And something sweet (and funny) – we did the food shop one day, and Amelia really wanted to use her ‘pennies’ to buy the cereals – I said t save it, and she replied ‘but Mum, I only want to waste my money so that you don’t have to waste yours.’ I thought it was sweet and very thoughtful, bless her. And no, I didn’t let her pay for the cereals! She did lend me £1 for the trolley though 🙂

I love my girls. When they are grown, these are the times I will miss more than any others.



The ordinary moments – Christmas whispers.


This time of year is an exciting one for me. Until this week I wasn’t feeling Xmas at all – but then, I did ban it until December. But this week it’s started to whisper – having Xmas films start on TV ( I love them all!) and something about the cold crisp days, frost on the car in the mornings and it creeping into December has got all of us thinking more of the excitement of Xmas.

Yesterday me and my girls were having a tidy up and quiet day. So I put some Xmas songs on, and bumpy girls loved dancing together to them – I video’d them but don’t know how to add videos on here, so I won’t try! And then in the afternoon Amelia had a choice of what to do while Rosie napped, and she chose to make Xmas cards. So I got out a load of craft and she made a few cards, with no help from me at all. I was really impressed.

It’s been a calm and happy few days – for me it’s important that Xmas doesn’t become all about the gifts, but is about our traditions – film nights, activities and fun – and isn’t just about material things. For me Xmas isn’t about getting stressed, it’s about enjoying it all. And that’s what I’m going to do – we might not do craft every day, we haven’t made an advent activity calendar, and we may not do much at all. But if we are together as a family doing the things that make us happy, I’ll consider Xmas a success.

It is this way every year – a gradual creeping up of the Xmas feeling. And it’s ordinary and yet special each and every year.

If you want to join in with the ordinary moments, you can do so at mummy daddy me.

Baby, you’re a firework…


I am such a seasonal crafty person. I never realised until now, but I love craft activities over Autumn and Winter but I just don’t feel as creative in the warmer months. I think that we go out more in the warmer months and I just don’t feel as inspired. This time of year the darker nights and events (Halloween, bonfire night, Xmas) really inspire me.

I wanted a quick, easy and fun firework night related craft – since my older Daughter has gone back to school we haven’t had as much time to do craft etc, and I wanted to have the chance to get into the mood for watching the real thing at my sisters 🙂

What you will need:
– black card or paper (not totally essential but makes more effective fireworks).
– cotton buds.
– paint (we used a selection of colours, but whatever you have. The more watery paints work best.
– glitter.

I just added a few different things on the table so that we could use whatever we wanted – you can add whatever you want to aid the creative process 🙂


What to do:
– Put a blob of a chosen colour where you want the centre of the firework.
– Put a circle of another colour around it.
– Use a cotton bud, and start In the centre, moving outwards. Make lines outwards around the firework.
– I then added another colour on top and blended it in with the cotton bud.
– sprinkle with glitter. Who doesn’t love glitter?!

How it went:

It was fun 🙂 I let Rosie join in too, but she wasn’t all that keen (she’s only 18 months though). She ate some paint and put a little bit on paper:


Amelia though really enjoys craft and painting anyway, and it was nice to have everything out and ready for her coming home from school. She concentrates really well, and after I showed her how I did it, she made some lovely pictures. She has got a good imagination / creative side. Here is her picture:


As you can see, it’s different to the one I made, but I was really impressed with the end result.

We have a good supply of paint / glitter and craft things, and it was nice to get them out to play. Mind you, I will warn you that the cleaning up afterwards is not nearly as fun!


Witches potions…


The Activity

We used the water tray to make witches potions. We used food colouring, sprinkles, spaghetti (my new play essential!) grass and flowers. Whatever we could find to make our scary potion.

How it went

This was a great activity to do at this time of year. We did this on Halloween day – the sun was out and it was lovely to do something halloweeney (yep, I made that word up!) And it’s simple, it can be done In a bowl, a bucket – anything. And anything can be added.

Both of my girls loved it – Rosie was soaked through by the end, but enjoys playing with water at any time. Amelia enjoyed adding things to the water.


A bonus was that I got to just sit and watch – I love that they are starting to play or do the same activity together, without me having to be referee. I love watching my beautiful girls full stop – I do find it one of the lovely things in life.


Overall, I would say that any kind of water play is a good activity, especially making the most of these precious few days before the weather changes again, and we end up with icy cold, sleet, rain, wind and maybe snow. Plenty of film afternoons, snuggles and lazy afternoons are coming, so on this day it was lovely to get out in the fresh air while we could 🙂

If anyone has any other ideas for water fun ideas I always love to hear them 🙂




Great british bake off – biscuits


As part of my effort to make. #GBBO bake each week, today I made biscuits. I made cookies, as I just love making (and eating!) them. I was going to try crackers but I just didn’t feel in the mood to experiment today.

To add a bit of a twist, I added almond essence to the cookies to make them taste a bit like cherry bakewell. However, if I’m honest it was a bit overpowering and would have been better left out. Oh well, live and learn.

The recipe I used was in this link: cookies so I’m not going to repeat the recipe.

The verdict: this is not my favourite cookie recipe – the best cookies I have made is this one: my favourite cookies which always come out lovely and soft and gorgeous. I didn’t use it as I wanted to try a recipe I hadn’t tried before, but from now on I’m going to stick to what I like!

This week on bake off is bread – not something in my comfort zone at all as whenever I try it’s never ‘quite’ right so I won’t be trying anything elaborate, just trying to practice something I don’t make much.

The cookies are all edible and taste fine, but not the best bake I have ever done.


To my poppets


Hello my poppets,
Another week has gone by so fast. Last week I promised that I will try to be a better mum to you this week. I think that I have been – I’ve had a lot of fun with you both, and you have taken away my stresses and troubles with your beautiful smiles and general innocence.

I can’t say that we have done a huge amount this week -we’ve played Lego (we made a building with a random roof) and it was mostly colour co-ordinated until we ran out of the right colour bricks. And we have done lots of colouring, writing letters and playing hide and seek. It’s been a fun week.

Rosie, you have given the best kisses this week. You smack you lips together a few times then give a huge open mouth kiss – it’s new for this week and I love it. Until now you’ve ignored my kiss requests (and I have been requesting them about a hundred times a day!) but now you will give them. To anyone. Yesterday we went to see my work friends for cake, and as we left you did you lip smacking to give them kisses before we left.

You are little miss mischief this week too. Playing a basic hide and seek, peek a boo and giggling lots. You are starting to play with your big sister more now, and you often laugh at her silliness. You are into everything – nothing is safe from your curiousity. Cupboards are opened, washing is pulled off radiators and chairs are climbed onto. You are a monkey, but a very adorable one.

Amelia, I went to parents day this week. We saw your nursery head teacher. She has said about how well you are doing – she has no concerns and feels that you are ready for ‘big school.’ She said you can be shy at times, so I wondered if she had got you mixed up – I don’t think anyone else ever thinks of you as shy! But anyway we cam away feeling proud of you – you are a lovely little girl who I think will do well as you move on to school.

I took you to see a film this week too. How to train your dragon 2 in 3d. We went with Lydia and sarah, and you loved having ‘just the girls’ together. You did however wonder very loudly what daddy must be doing just as the film started. And you found the 3d effects funny at first. It was my first 3d film too and I really liked it. Most of all I liked your giggles, you snuggling up with me for the scarier parts of the film, and you saying ‘it’s a good job you’re here isn’t it’ when you came to sit with me. You also had a snuggle with your auntie Lydia which made me smile – your aunties all love you so much my little one – I know that you will never be without people to turn to for whatever you may need.

You’ve got more confident with writing this week too. You’ve been practising different letters and are starting to hold your pens properly. I bought you a writing book and you like tracing the letters, although I will only let you do a page a day to keep it interesting.

And we baked. You are clever at baking – you know that generally we need flour, you can crack eggs without help (well, sometimes I have to take a bit of egg out of the mixture) but other than that you are good. And you make it fun with your endless chatter and your testing of the mixture at regular intervals.

I love you both so much – my job often means I come home feeling stressed and worried, but smiles, chatter and cuddles from you girls never fails to make me feel so much happier.





The letter says ‘come back’ to her key worker at nursery in case you are interested 🙂