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This time last week we were on holiday in the Lake District. 

We stayed in the white cottage in the photo – Darling How. It was great, as always. Returning to the same place each year is special for me – every year I remember the year before, and i love building memories in the same place each year. Amelia remembered last year too, and knew exactly what she wanted to do with her week. She wanted to build a bridge, play hide and seek in the cottage and go in the hot tub. 

As Easter was earlier this year, the weather wasn’t as sunny as last year. We had a few windy, rainy days, but we still got out and about every day. It got nicer toward the end of the week too.  The girls both had Wellies (so did I!) and they loved jumping in puddles – Amelia was ‘making hot chocolate’ in the puddles, and Rosie just thought she was peppa pig. They walked in the streams, we found lots of frogspawn, and we went to Amelia’s favourite bridge every single day (she didn’t want to explore anywhere else!) and threw stones, made bridges, walked in the stream and just played. 

My favourite things about this year were:

– being at the bridge – watching the girls just play without it having to cost anything or involve anything more than water, stones, sticks and imagination was great. It’s what they need and made it special.

– Fairyland. There’s a walk just outside the cottage which gets you direct to ‘fairly land’ where the fairies live. Amelia got a gift from them (a fairy doll) and she was so happy and excited and I just loved her innocence and belief in magic. She talked about it non stop for the rest of the day:

Playing at being a witch and chasing the girls round the cottage with Rosie shouting ‘try n get me’ and hiding from each other. 

Watching the kids in the hot tub – they both loved it. Although I have to admit that they are fearless and this panicked me a bit! 

– going for a walk in the evening with Lydia -the sun was shining and it was lovely. And I’d had a bit of wine and found a few silly things really, really funny lol. 

– going in the hot tub when the stars were out.

– having time to read my book, and not having to rush to get things done or be anywhere, or to have loads of house tasks to do. 

– spending tIme with my family – my nana was poorly and in hospital until 2 days before we left so having her there was special too, and the holiday wouldn’t have been the same without her there. 

I could go on but I won’t. Amelia said it was the best holiday ever, and Rosie didn’t say anything but I know she had the best time. I loved it, and just wish we could have stayed even longer as it went by so fast! 

I love holidays – making memories without distractions. Now I just have to wait for the next one! 


Our holiday – the Lake District 2014


Last week, we headed off to the Lake District. Every few years we seem to have a big family holiday – this year there were 9 of us, plus two dogs. My parents, nana, sisters and us.

I love the Lake District – something about it always seems magical to me. It’s so beautiful, and reminds me of just how precious our landscape is. This year we stayed in whinlatter forest, and it was a perfect location. The cottage was in the middle of nowhere, about 2.5 miles from the nearest town. And there were loads of walks on the doorstep, the views were fantastic, and the cottage itself was lovely.

I had a brilliant week – I’d have moved in and never come home if I had that option. It was great being with all of my family, great having quality time with the girls, where instead of worrying about housework etc I could just take time out and listen to them, play with them and laugh with them.

I also did Go Ape while I was there with my sisters, Craig and my sisters fiancee. It was so scary – I’d actually already done it about 6 years ago so thought I’d find it easier. I didn’t, I found it terrifying. I think age has made me realise how fragile life is! I made it through, and it was an amazing achievement, but so so scary – there were times when I could have cried, and was really shaking with adrenaline and fear. It was worth doing, but I was also very relieved when it was over.

The whinlatter visitor centre was a great place to visit too – the atmosphere reminded me of centreparcs. Really tranquil, making use of the landscape for the play areas – for example, they had slides built down natural slopes, and a water play area through a stream. And a stone pit (same as a sand pit, but with pulleys and buckets for stones found in the area). It was really clever – we were a bit unlucky as we had the pushchair so could only stay in the middle bit (it was too hilly to go further) and Rosie had a teething day so we were there about 3 hours then had to leave. But it was a lovely few hours, and I loved it.

I want to go back. There wasn’t once when i felt stressed or worried, everything was just lovely. And it reminded me that life does get in the way of being a good Mum – with the best will in the world, I am not the most patient mum, and I find that it’s easy to do jobs rather than play. But this week has reminded me of how great my kids are – Amelia is so funny, and cheeky, and loving. She’s a pleasure to spend time with, and it’s reminded me that she loves me too. And Rosie is so happy, content and curious about the world. It’s a privilege to see them grow and change.

If you are interested in the cottage, here is the link: darling how. The photos on the website show the actual cottage – I haven’t been asked in any way to do a review, but wanted to talk a bit about my holiday.





Our Christmas…


I wasn’t going to do a Christmas post as I wasn’t sure if it would be boring for others, but I wanted to write down my memories of this year – my Rosie’s first Xmas, my Amelia’s 4th.

I have had a brilliant Xmas – it isn’t magical now in the same way as when I was a child. Over time Xmas has changed, shifted. Instead of gifts, now it’s about family and about being together. It’s about laughter, relaxing, films, craft and playing. It’s about eating chocolate at breakfast time, hot chocolate and spending every night wrapping gifts. It’s about anticipation. Its about love, and thanking everyone in my life for making me so vey lucky.

These have been my favourite bits of this Xmas:
– laying on either side of the sofa watching ‘splash’ with Amelia under the blanket on Xmas eve.
– Amelia and Rosie getting their new pjs and putting them on – Amelia had red love heart ones, Rosie had a ‘I love cuddles’ baby grow.
– Amelia looking out of the window looking for Santa (and she saw him a few times!)
– putting Amelia to bed, she said she heard the reindeer on the roof. I said that they don’t come until she’s asleep. She closed her eyes and said ‘mummy, say oh look at Amelia, she’s asleep.’ Trying to trick Santa lol.
– Xmas morning when Amelia saw that Santa had filled her stocking.
– Rosie sitting in the box that her presents had been put into (they were layered between paper rather than wrapped up.)
– seeing my family over Christmas.
– Amelia calling her new furby ‘purjy.’
– Xmas films.
– a lovely Xmas dinner at Craig’s parents house.
– presents 🙂

I got allsorts of gifts – waterproofs, bake off book, perfume, a onesie, pjs, simple products, a camera from Craig. Loads more but I won’t bore you all. And my girls loved everything too, although Amelia did point out that she didn’t receive the chocolate coin maker she asked for. Other than that she got all she wanted and more.

Got a little bit of Xmas left that I’m determined to enjoy 🙂 having a small get together New Year’s Eve, and we have toys to play with, tidying to do and films to watch. I love this time of year!